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Letter to the Editor
I would like to post comment on an article that appeared in my local Townsville Bulletin newspaper 18.07.14 entitled Baby thrown out with the bathwater which was a contribution from News Ltd – National Economics Editor Jessica Irvine, as anyone who knows me will know, my quoting of News Ltd Editors is a very rare occasion, so please read this piece from beginning to end to gain the full benefit from what this lady reportedly said.
“Just as the sky did not fall in when the carbon tax was introduced, nor will the sunshine break with its repeal. Yesterday was a triumph of short- term politics over long term policy making.
At the margins, certainly on the repeal of the carbon tax will give business confidence. But they’ll remain nervous about the Senate’s plans to derail the Government’s budget fix.
Longer term, climate change remains a real threat to our economy, which is already prone to drought and floods.
The overwhelming majority of scientists still believe increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere will trap heat close to the earth, warming temperatures, heating oceans and changing weather patterns.
Those changes will impact a range of industries, from agriculture to insurance. Scrapping the legislation underpinning Australia’s carbon price, as the Senate did yesterday, throws the baby out with the bathwater.
Economists agree a carbon price was the lowest cost, most effective solution to the problem of climate change.
Australia’s substantial legal framework around emissions trading was almost a decade in the making, soaking up a lot of time and resources to design and put in place. It should have been allowed to remain in place, albeit with a reduction in the carbon price from a fixed price of around $25 a tonne of carbon to the floating international price, which is more like $7.
Sure, big polluters will pay less thanks to the tax’s repeal. But Australia will be left without a market- based policy designed to re-engineer our economy towards a lower carbon path. Australia will come to regret this day”
So completes the comment from the National Economics Editor on the subject of Australia, post price on carbon. From this day forward any increase in frequency and/or severity of weather events such as droughts, floods, cyclones and bushfires queries should be directed to your local LNP/PUP politician with gusto.
Shaun Newman


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