What a week in politics

Letter to the Editor
What a week in politics! We saw the federal Abbott government enact action to abolish the price on carbon pollution supposedly on behalf of the voters who elected them last year, in reality though the reason was to allow the big polluters to go ‘full steam ahead’ polluting the atmosphere which of course is of little consequence to the ordinary Australian as it only affects the quality of the air that we breathe. Just as a peripheral issue it also deepens the effects of climate change making weather events such as cyclones, bushfires, floods and droughts more common in frequency and severity, she’ll be right mate!
An interview with Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealed that he and his party do have empathy and compassion after all, as he said in relation to the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 that “it is important we honour the dead and respect the living” apparently once one achieves a certain standard in life such as being able to afford to travel internationally one earns the above emotions from the LNP, I notice the flight carried no Australian disabled pensioners.
On the State scene there is a continued hope in Queensland that people have at last woken up to the economic brutality of the Queensland LNP government with their constant whipping of lowly paid working families and pensioners in the form of continually increasing our cost of living which hits the poor the hardest as our incomes are the lowest and least able to cope with price increases of 13% on our electricity bills. I believe the NSW LNP was even more severe and increased that states electricity bills by a huge 17% they really do hate ordinary people don’t they?
Queensland, last Saturday sent a very strong message to the Queensland LNP that we have had enough we needed to make a strong choice and it looks as though the choice has been made. Voters followed the Redcliffe by-election win by the ALP which was held a couple of month’s age and voted the LNP candidate down, by again rebelling against the LNP by electing an ALP candidate at the Stafford by-election with a huge swing of 18.6% to Dr Anthony Lynham who captured 61.5% of the vote, the LNP in Queensland have long been on the nose, but it is refreshing to see the voters respond in such emphatic fashion, perhaps there is a light at the end of this very dark tunnel.
Shaun Newman



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