Townsville Bulletin

Letter to the Editor
Townsville Bulletin 22.07.14 ‘We can do better’- Newman apology. The recent by-elections in both Redcliffe (17.2% swing) and Stafford (18.6% swing) both produced massive swings against the Newman government, both these seats are in South East Queensland where the majority of the Newman government’s revenue is spent, it seems the monetary bribes have not been enough to dissuade thinking people from punishing his ultra-right wing policies. One can only imagine what the reaction of funds starved North Queenslanders will be in 8 months’ time when an election needs to be called.
The ultra-conservative Newman government seems to believe that news of their LNP governments spending in the south east corner escapes those of us in North Queensland. The new Gold Coast light rail project, the $475 million Springfield railway station and things that North Queenslanders could only wish for, happening where the Premier lives, and still people have had a gutful of his neoliberal policies, so much so that they have produced results in massive swings away from the conservative policies that he espouses.
Mr Newman and his ilk fail to understand everyday Queenslanders, their wants and needs, hopes and aspirations, and their LNP arrogance has come home to roost in the poll results and changing the colour of prison overalls issued to bikies will not solve the problem that the people have, with the misguided conservative outlook that they retain. Selling our Queensland public assets was the last straw, the one that broke the camel’s back. North Queenslanders know that any money raised from the sale of “our” North Queensland assets will go to South East Queensland to build transport networks and other infrastructure that should be built in the North. They also realize that the profitable assets that the LNP want to sell, will also affect future government revenue which will also take away much needed revenue for the state government that the state government uses to finance services, so of course services will cease or become far less effective as a result of the “fire sale” were it be allowed to take place, which of course the public have shown that they are dead against the sale, re the massive swings at the polls.
Why does the Newman government subsidize profit making private enterprises such as the minerals industry, yet allows other businesses to fold? This money could be and should be used for services to Queenslanders in areas such as public health, public education and even the prices explosion in the price of electricity is an insult to everyday Queenslanders, an insult that will not be tolerated for any longer than the remaining 8 months, go early Newman, and relieve the weary Queensland electorate of our suffering.
Shaun Newman


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