My local LNP state politician

Letter to the Editor
My local LNP state politician has definitely seen the writing on the wall with regards to his future, post-election day in March 2015. It seems that panic has set in if my letter box is anything to go by, which has been bombarded this week with leaflets describing to me how great his performance has been over this last term of parliament.
The latest glossy brochure lists approximately 40 small achievements in his past 2 years, some of allocation of monies he has been able to achieve are listed as $9,987 for Riverway Rowing Club,(one wonders how many community members that this grant helped?) and even takes credit from the hard working police in claiming personal credit for “Crime statistics improve in the past year…” while I am quite sure that the rowing club appreciated the grant, and we all appreciated the lowering of the crime statistics for the current member for Thuringowa to claim that this has come about through him, seems to me to be arrogant in the extreme, and, at the very least what the electorate should expect from their parliamentary representative.
There were no mentions of any visionary plans for Thuringowa electorate, or Townsville or North Queensland in general, in fact at this late stage in the electoral cycle his latest brochure (printed at our expense) carries a questionnaire asking residents what our top 3 choices would be out of a list of LNP priorities. Personally I would like to see a base-load hydroelectric power station built on the mighty Burdekin Falls Dam; however the only winners out of that suggestion would be ordinary North Queenslanders who don’t contribute to the LNP.
Shaun Newman


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