Months after releasing

Letter to the Editor
Months after releasing his unfair and disorientated budget Treasurer Hockey finds himself sprouting his aspirations of becoming Prime Minister one day, it is not impossible given that John Howard was, until Hockey came along, the worst federal treasurer in living memory and he went on to become Prime Minister, after a couple of generations of older voters dying, and new uninitiated voters who were curious.
In the 21st century news spreads so quickly that many people are informed of injustices done by governments against them and so rise to protest very quickly as in the case of the Hockey budget. With the public so well informed these days I very much doubt that Hockey can do a Howard.
Further to the public reaction to the much maligned Hockey budget of gross unfairness we read in “Cast your vote to boost our city” from Anthony Templeton Townsville Bulletin Saturday 26the July that the Queensland LNP had told him that the party’s polling has remained at toxic levels ever since the Federal Government handed down its tough-love budget.
Mr Templeton is quite correct in that we (Townsville and North Queensland) should not accept “the crumbs of the Strong Choices package” and I like him am prepared to change my vote along with a huge number of other Queenslanders to rid our State of this cruel and uncaring political party from the government benches of the Queensland parliament. As so many Queenslanders have already shown in by-elections, the days of the Newman government are well and truly numbered.
Shaun Newman


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