Election loss

Letter to the Editor
‘Election loss brings doom talk’ Townsville Bulletin – letters – 28.07.14. I do not normally respond to criticism; however this Paul Dillion letter did impress me for its impulsive and childish, exaggerated approach. In industrial terms as a log of claims it would be considered very much as an ambit claim. It is well known that I do not agree with the authors stifling conservative philosophies, and the massive swings against the Newman government are on the public record, attributing to the fact that I am not alone in my distaste of ultra-conservative policies, and that it is likely that the days of the Newman government are indeed numbered. I hasten to add however in my humble opinion; both he and Wayne 4812 do more to damage the image of conservative politics (LNP) than I ever could.
Both Paul and Wayne seem to both belong to the ultra-conservative faction within the LNP who currently govern the party. This faction has, as its hallmarks insatiable greed, selfishness and lack of compassion or empathy for their fellow Australians and of course the ignorance of science, philosophies that run completely opposite to my beliefs so, as one would imagine, there is no love lost between these people and myself. The best I can hope for is that the Townsville Bulletin continues its balanced approach to the subject of politics, and that both Paul and Wayne continue to highlight the most sinister traits of their faction.
Shaun Newman


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