One of the ridulous excuses


Letter to the Editor

One of the ridiculous excuses that conservative politician’s offer as reasons why progressive people oppose their policies such as “the politics of envy” are becoming less and less credible every day. It is clear to any thinking person that the policies of the conservatives (LNP) favour only the few at the cost of the many. I have been accused of being a socialist, a communist, and many other descriptions over the years. Recently I discovered that my philosophies on life more closely resembled that of a democratic socialist, in the tradition of the Nordic nations, such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I believe in humanity, compassion and empathy for my fellow Australian, for those who have made more mistakes than I have.

This philosophy does not align me with any one political party; however it turns me away from the LNP and other conservative parties such as KAT and PUP. I am probably what used to be known as a traditional ALP voter, though the ALP has changed so much in the past 30 years that I no longer fit their mould. A new progressive party based upon traditional ALP values is badly needed in Australia as the ALP has been hijacked by the conservative forces within this nation.

The last time that the ALP represented the progressive thinking people of Australia was when former Governor-General Bill Hayden lead the Labor Party in the early 1980s since that time there has been no Australian political party representing the centre-left of politics. There are purely socialist parties, but none who encompass the centre of politics as well as the left, which is the position that I occupy ‘centre-left’ either the ALP needs to change back to its roots or a new party needs to be founded.

Perhaps I am alone in Australia in my beliefs that wealth should be more evenly spread across the nation and families should get a much fairer deal than they currently do at the expense of those who can well afford to pay a little more tax and receive a little less benefit from our system, the unfairness needs to stop and the ‘fair go’ needs to return to Australian society, in my humble opinion.


Shaun Newman


2 thoughts on “One of the ridulous excuses

  1. Cathy O'Toole says:

    Thank you Shaun I share so many of your views and I enjoy reading your posts and letters.

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