The increasing hostility

Letter to the Editor
The increasing hostility being shown from the Abbott government toward the unemployed youth of this nation has reached disgraceful proportions with the latest blow, that of jobseekers having to apply for 40 jobs per month. At first blush it seems, perhaps reasonable; until deeper thought reveals time to prepare individual resumes for each job applied for, the high cost of stationary and postage, transport to and from interviews, no provision made for illness or medical disabilities, doctor’s visits and other miscellaneous duties one needs to carry out in the course of everyday living, all without the meagre support of unemployment benefits.
This is simply just another manoeuvre in the “war against the poor” from another increasingly “ultra-conservative” LNP government. The Australian population continually shows its resentment and opposition to these ultra-right policies in polls held by newspapers such as The Australian (Newspoll) and The Courier Mail (Galaxy) and Channel 7 ‘reachtel’ to name a few. The existing LNP governments are deeply unpopular and are not likely to be re-elected. We in Queensland, with a State election only 8 months away are expecting a “manufactured crisis” to occur in order to try to save the Newman government at any time now, as the results from recent by-elections show the Qld LNP government are on the way out.
Ordinary Australians do not understand, why the fervour to attack the helpless, yet avoid tackling huge corporate companies who hide up billions of dollars every year in tax havens like the Cayman Islands? There seems no rhyme or reason to allow these dodgy practices yet simultaneously attack unemployed youth? People who claim that these children are “paid to do nothing” have a cock-eyed view of the situation, unemployment benefits are subsistence payments which help to keep unemployed people alive, barely, and dead job applicants are of little use to employers.
Shaun Newman


2 thoughts on “The increasing hostility

  1. bjkelly1958 says:

    I was alarmed while reading a post put up by an FM radio station seeking feed back on the work for the dole scheme, a large majority of people are in favour of it and claim there are thousands of jobs to be had but the unemployed are just too stuck up to do them. It’s an old saw but it won’t go away! I don’t know what the unemployment rate for Townsville is but for Caboolture it exceeds 18% – 5% higher than the national average. Where do the deluded bashers-of-the-unemployed see al those thousands of jobs?
    One avid supporter suggested the unemployed should swallow their pride and work for Maccas. Last time I stuck my head inside a store the staff were predominantly young, white teenagers, probably juggling school or tertiary study with their part time job.

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