Is telling Australia

Letter to the Editor
Is telling Australia one thing and then telling New Zealand something quite different meaning that someone is telling porky pies? I have just read a story about what LNP Treasurer Hockey told the NZ media about our Australian economy.
It seems that when in Australia the Australian Treasurer thinks that our economy is in trouble and that there is a “budget emergency,” however while in New Zealand he sums up our economy as “no crisis at all in the Australian economy” and he did not mention a “budget emergency” which can only lead thinking people to one conclusion.
Treasurer Hockey also revealed to a NSW LNP meeting that “no great achievements can be made without sacrifice” now I may be under informed but I am not aware of any “great achievement” that the LNP are making, I do however know who is it that is “making the sacrifice” and it is not corporate Australia, the LNP donors. I have never ever had the misfortune to witness a more rag-tag bunch of hillbillies trying to run a government while simultaneously trying to pull the wool over the average Australian’s eyes.
Shaun Newman
13 Laura Court, Deeragun
Townsville, North Queensland, 4818
Ph: 0747516184
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