Well, so now we know


One thought on “Well, so now we know

  1. 01.08.14
    Letter to the Editor
    Well, so now we know, the sham plan aka the Queensland Plan has been launched and as usual from the conservatives (LNP) long on imagination and theory, but as usual short on detail and of course funding. If this exercise in public relations is expected to save the LNP from the electoral wipe-out that is awaiting them next March they have another thing coming.
    We notice the propaganda machine working overtime spending our hard earned money on full page newspaper advisements and television ads telling trying to convince us of how well they are doing, instead of providing services. Our latest electricity bills are a prime example of their lack of performance in areas that matter to everyday Queenslanders, with many people complaining that the latest electricity bill had contained a 21% increase in tariffs and a 95% increase in “supply charge” over the past 2 years while in the same period the Cost Price Index (CPI) had risen by a mere 5.37%, the numbers do not add up.
    The recent Queensland by-elections and their massive swings away from the current government will continue to gain momentum all the way to the next Queensland election because the population has stopped listening to the government, we have heard so many untruths that a half-hearted plan to shuffle an increase in population to regional Queensland where infrastructure is woefully inadequate already, is more of a threat than a promise. Take Townsville for example where an all-weather bridge on the Bruce Highway has been badly needed for years and yet there are no plans to build it. We in regional Queensland do not have commuter rail either, nor properly funded hospitals or schools, how on Earth are we going to cope with double our population?
    Shaun Newman

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