Joe Hockey


2 thoughts on “Joe Hockey

  1. 07.08.14
    Letter to the Editor
    Joe Hockey is paying the price for his ultra-right wing policies as it seems that some of his more moderate mates are getting nervous about how extreme the Hockey budget is, and how their constituents have railed against the severe measures aimed squarely at the poorest people in the Australian community.
    All the while, we in Townsville have one of our local LNP State Minister’s playing stupid political games and trying to use psychology in his community to raise questions around a stadium that Townsville business wants built with a price of $319 million. The State Minister is foxing trying to convince Townsville people that we a) need a new stadium, we already have the Cowboy’s NRL stadium, and b) that the only way we will get the stadium is to re-elect the dreaded Newman government.
    Queenslander’s all over the State have ceased listening to LNP promises at all levels of government because we understand now, that the reason that the LNP were out of government in Queensland for so long was that favours were done for their business mates when last they held the Treasury benches and even after 14 years that no change in the beast is visible.
    Queenslanders want a government of the people, for the people, we are tired of supporting political party hangers on and are looking for real parliamentary representation. Two recent by-elections showed massive swings away from the LNP because, like the party in the federal sphere, they have broken just about every promise that they ever made. Newman and his cohorts are counting down the days until the next election at which they will be unceremoniously thrown out, they have seen the writing on the wall, and so has Abbott and Hockey.
    Shaun Newman

  2. The LNP days in government are well and truly numbered.

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