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  1. 09.08.14
    Letter to the Editor
    Day after day stories of conservative government (LNP) incompetence abound in my daily newspaper the Townsville Bulletin in simply reporting the news, no wonder the conservative governments in this nation are well and truly on the nose. I would much rather write about other topics but with so much incompetence on a daily basis, much of which directly or indirectly affecting my family I have little choice other than to highlight the glaring mistakes.
    ‘Surprise jump in jobless rate ends interest rate increase fears – Unemployment surges Townsville Bulletin Friday 8th August 2014, with accompanying story ‘Infrastructure key to hitting target.’ These stories tell of a lack of government policy both State and Federal to create jobs. The first story points out that Australia’s jobless rate has hit a 12 year high and that is making things so tough economically that the nation is likely to continue with its historically low interest rates as a result.
    We should bear in mind that Labor left the unemployment rate in September last year at 5.2% which encompassed a price on carbon pollution, known as the carbon tax. Now, without the price on carbon pollution that the coalition claimed was a job killer they have mismanaged the rate up to 6.4% in 11 short months with the change of government policies, heaven help us in the coming 2 years of their mismanagement.
    The second story highlights the fact that the Queensland LNP government who have had longer in power, longer to mismanage and have managed to get the Queensland unemployment rate higher than the national average, with few ideas on how to create jobs except to sell government revenue earning enterprises into the private market, thus reducing income to the government with which to supply services, and as a result, government services will naturally be decreased, providing tax payers with even less value for their taxes paid.
    The following day, Saturday 9th August2014 yet another story outlining the hardship of ordinary Australian families on Struggle Street ‘Cutting back to pay bills’ – this story highlights a survey conducted by the consumer organization CHOICE which explained that 46 percent of Australian households had reduced spending to fight rising bills. The reduced spending was on essentials such as groceries and healthcare, and rising bills one assumes are also of an essential nature such as electricity rates, rents and telephone etc. Spending on clothes and entertainment have also been sidelined (if they were possible at all) and only 8 percent have not noticed an increase in their bills.
    At this time the federal LNP are actively engaged in adopting WorkChoices Mk2 and are beginning with the federal public service, which will, if successful flow on to the private sector, further exacerbating an already frightening situation for 62 percent of Australian families who are doing it tough according to the CHOICE survey. I write a lot concerning the actions of conservative governments and their attacks on working families, I refer to it as “the war against the poor” and these three stories in the Townsville Bulletin continue to cause me great concern, as they should concern every thinking Australian.
    Shaun Newman

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