The old cartoon character


One thought on “The old cartoon character

  1. 10.08.14
    Letter to the Editor
    The old cartoon character Mr Magoo has been revived this week in the form of the federal Attorney-General George Brandis, who couldn’t explain the word “metadata” when asked to do so, as part of a policy he was announcing. A wee bit frightening given that the Minister is giving authority to our security agencies to track the said “metadata.” The A-G came under further ridicule from his LNP mates for his poor performance in the selling of his 18C changes to the discrimination act that he proposed, which have been sidelined for now.
    In an effort to both support his ultra-right wing ally and to detract from the Attorney, the Employment Minister (also a member of the “ultra-right club” began babbling on about a link between abortion and breast cancer, a link that nobody except the lunatic right religious sect knows about. This of course attracted yet another scandal and made the government look like the Keystone Cops, further was to come.
    Treasurer Hockey, not to be outdone, recognized the obvious fact that he was Australia’s most hated politician because of his grossly unfair federal budget which takes from the poor and gives to the wealthy. How else would he expect ordinary Australians to feel when he uses his ideology to punish average wage earners and pensioners? The Abbott government is in a shambles their incompetence has been well and truly exposed this past week. An old saying that “they couldn’t run a chook raffle” comes immediately to mind.
    Interestingly the agricultural industry has stated that “climate change” is a reality, well, talk about a statement of the blindingly obvious, sadly though, we have lost the price on carbon pollution which helped reduce carbon pollution emissions so they will have to put up with the increased occurrence of droughts, floods and bad weather including bushfires at a result of the loss of this measure. Also our agricultural industry will have to endure an oversupply of their product as Russia responds to the big mouth of Tony Abbott blaming them for the downing of the MH17 flight that was actually bought down by Ukrainian rebels, which will cost our agricultural industry at least $400 million.
    Shaun Newman

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