I have personally wondered

Letter to the Editor
I have personally wondered about the semantics of the Newman government lately in Townsville, especially in connection with the police service. My eyebrows rose when recently we in the Northern Beaches suburbs of Townsville were granted an all-terrain vehicle to chase motorbike and ATV hoons ahead of the Mackay police service who had applied for the vehicle. This came about because the LNP member for Hinchinbrook and Mines Minister in the Newman government had given our area (his electorate) priority. Then came “The police hub” as distinct from “police station” placed in another LNP members’ electorate, all designed to promote the aforementioned LNP members profile within their respective electorates, and proving that government revenue does in fact exist to fund this selected government spending in favoured electorates.
Then came the front page story 16.08.14 Townsville Bulletin “LAST RITES-Poll reveals city’s LNP MPs face the chopping block” which refers to a recent Galaxy poll conducted for the newspaper in the Townsville area. The first statistic that took my eye was that 58% of those polled were against the planned Newman LNP government public assets sale, with only 25% in support of such a move. We in Townsville have seen a succession of Queensland government advertising lately telling us how well our hospital was being managed and how well the Newman appointed hospital board was performing, they did not elaborate enough to advise us of where the funds with which to do the job over the past 18 months had actually come from though?
A local journalist has cynically suggested that the Newman government should throw their chequebook at Townsville projects to re-attract LNP votes, how very shallow a concept this is. Townsville people understand that this LNP government has not, and do not care about rural and regional Queensland, and they are not about to change their collective minds at 5 minutes to midnight because of a last minute bribe of desperation from the Newman government.
One of Townsville’s local LNP MPs is the Local Government Minister Crisafulli who now claims to want to hear the priorities of all Townsville groups (why now) he should look at this poll and combine it with recent historical by-election results in Brisbane to understand the 10% swing away from his party in Townsville, accompanied with the Redcliffe and Stafford swings of 17.1% and 18.6% respectfully is yet another signal that the Newman LNP government in Queensland is on the way out at the next election in 8 months. The LNP in Townsville has had all the backing of business as one would expect, but the people have a different view and are expressing it freely. The LNP pollies always say that they will work harder; the lack of effort is a telling factor here, as is the direction that they are taking, (the wrong direction) the Queensland public have had enough of their ultra-right wing policies and have decided that it is time for the LNP to go. The lesson that was delivered by the aforementioned by-elections has not been learnt by the LNP “WE DON’T WANT OUR ASSETS SOLD.”
Shaun Newman


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