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Letter to the Editor
I write today as a wealthy man (the proud owner of a 1991 model Holden Commodore) in response to the Debra Gibson LttE “Stop exporting our jobs TB 18.08.14” This very strange political analysis is absolutely astounding as to the conclusions it draws.
At one point the letter acknowledges that the Howard government tried to destroy unions and later in the letter argues that unions should be stronger but in a sensible way, not radical? Any improvements in ordinary workers’ wages or conditions are considered radical by the current conservative governments.
The author also laments Australian jobs being exported to overseas workers, by corporate Australia, who in the main are represented by the conservative governments, mate, you can’t have it both ways. I do agree with some of the objectives in the letter, however continuing to vote for conservative governments will take us further away from those objectives.
I’d also like to compliment the Townsville Bulletin cartoonist for their “Strong Choices” cartoon today highlighting that 56% of Townsvillians want a new superstadium and entertainment centre and that even more, 58% do not want the Port of Townsville sold/leased. Given the amount of billion dollar projects under way in south-east Queensland at present, without asset sales, one can certainly relate to the majority of Townsvillians feelings.
Shaun Newman


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