No one in Australia

Letter to the Editor
No one in Australia could accuse the Abbot or Newman governments of inconsistency. From the word go, they have both been responsible for policies to sack workers. Firstly, thousands from the public service then policy decisions that weakened and ended job prospects in the Australian car industry and will put thousands more ordinary Australian workers on the unemployment scrap heap. The negativity of the conservatives knows no bounds and it is this negativity that has seen unemployment in Australia skyrocket from the 5.2% where the Labor Party left it last September to a current 6.4% nationally and 6.8% in Queensland, horrendous figures if you are unemployed and looking for work. Good however, if you want to drive down the basic wage.
At a time when Australia is desperately in need of a job creation scheme, the conservatives again shrink back to their “yesterday’s party” status and reject the renewable energy target, which will deliver a further 21,000 people to the dole cue. What a disgraceful mess these rich men’s servants (LNP) have made of the Australian economy in the past 12 months, they have been to Australia’s economy what Alan Joyce has been for Qantas profits and both have been disastrous for Australian jobs. Unfortunately at a time when Australia so desperately needs governments with vision and progressive ideas to take our nation forward the conservatives are harking back to the future with last centuries technology of coal fired power stations instead of moving forward with 21st century technology, to both create jobs and to fight potentially destructive climate change.
What a mess!
Shaun Newman


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