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Why don’t Australian’s unite

Why don’t Australian’s unite against the internal threat of terrorism, it is apparent that the Muslim community are also against these extremists as we are. Speaking of extremist’s it seems very odd to me that an estimated force of approximately 30 -35, 000 men who make up the ranks of IS/ISIL cannot be wiped from the face of the Earth by the combined efforts of more than 40 countries with modern fighter jets employed?

I won’t sit in silence

I won’t sit in silence, and I won’t live in fear because of an LNP fear campaign to divide Australians for the purposes of their own re-election. Common sense tells me that not all German’s were Nazi’s and likewise not all Muslim’s are terrorists. At this time in Australian history we are badly in need of a leader who can unite Australia’s many ethnic peoples, not divide them.
If, and I say “if” terrorists were to strike in Australia it would not be in regional Australia and probably not be in a capital city with the exception of Canberra and then only to make a fundamental statement that they could strike at the heart of Australia’s government anything else would be futile.
The LNP seems to enjoy the politics of division with people living in fear; well I will not live in fear. There were more than 850 people damaged last year in Australia from “domestic violence” but I don’t see a swift reaction from authorities to that situation, we need each one of us to ask ourselves who gains from this division, not I or my neighbours. People tend to stick with the government that they have when they feel threatened.
Is it just a coincidence that there are three state elections for the LNP to contest within the next six months, or is the threat real? In any instance I will continue to be concerned with reality and not supposition.

One woners how


One wonder’s how a supposedly religious man as Tony Abbott would like to be seen would reconcile what he said in the Australian parliament with the policies he has tried to attack pensioners and low income workers with.
He said “mistreating others in the name of God is not acceptable” so in whose name does he continue to punish the vulnerable in, perhaps in the name of “ideology.”

Just another brick in the wall

Just another brick in the wall separating Queenslanders in North Queensland from prosperity and a standard of living we have become a accustomed to as Australians. Firstly the proposal to privatise the Port of Townsville and the Mt Isa to Townsville rail line, and then the latest blow to each and every North Queenslander, privatising the Queensland Electricity Industry which will cost the pensioners and the working poor the most, as it will be a further large bite into our low incomes. Thanks to the LNP.
Speaking of incomes, of course when/if these public assets are sold it will also have an effect on government income, as government income from these assets will cease, meaning that services will have to be further cut in the spiral to the lowest common denominator.
The irony is that both State and Federal LNP government claim to be in debt, anyone in Australia who has been able to acquire anything of value is either in debt or have been in debt i.e. mortgage, but is particularly strange given that we are apparently now borrowing $500 million, half a billion dollars a year to fight a war on the other side of the globe? Why do ordinary Australian citizens have to starve and go without proper health and education for our government to fight a war that belongs to a Middle-Eastern country, and please don’t tell me … weapons of mass destruction again? Why there is always money available for war, but never for peace is a mystery, could it be that no money is made from peace? The current internal terrorism claims have arrived at a very convenient time for the LNP too convenient perhaps?

With all the mind games

With all the mind games attached to politics these days I wonder how many families who are paying a $300,000 mortgage think that they are in a terrible economic position, as we in Queensland and Australia are being asked to believe of our public finances? Yes money was borrowed to see us through the GFC and is being paid back as any loan would be; there is no urgency to see the debt paid off tomorrow, as I’m sure mortgagees would appreciate.
The Abbott LNP government is trying to convince us that we have a “budget emergency” and need to pay a co-payment of $7 to see our GPs yet this government has just committed itself to a war that will cost $500 million a year to fight? To me this does not make sense. Following a year of financial mismanagement from Hockey and Co, Australia still retains a AAA economic rating that was obtained under the previous Labor government, for how much longer, one has to wonder.
Our Queensland LNP government has crucified us for years now with rapidly increasing electricity costs and have been found out on so many occasions telling us one thing while doing something quite different. The police hub in Townsville is the latest scam; we were told that the LNP would provide 22 new officers to staff the hub, now we find that those 22 officers will be drawn from existing police stations? How can we believe what LNP politicians tell us?
In North Queensland, we see on the TV news that a new 6 lane highway will be built in S-E Queensland; while we in Townsville cannot get a bridge within city limits on the Bruce Highway to transverse the Bohle River in the northwards direction? Queenslanders and Australians have been badly let down by the LNP governments and the time is quickly arriving in Queensland when the backlash against their extreme right wing policies will be judged by the people who are suffering under their regime.

Following the longest year


Following the longest year of my life 7th September 2013 to 7th September 2014 and having read the 10 recommendations cobbled together by an LNP committee on the development of northern Australia I could hardly believe the lack of foresight expressed in the recommendations.
We are in the 21st century, so if it had come from elsewhere it would have been a surprise to read that the LNP see the future of northern Australia linked to a coal fired power station, especially given that we have an abundance of sunshine (solar power) and a dam that was originally built on the Burdekin River to house the proposed Burdekin Falls Dam Hydro Electricity Project in 1987(Queensland’s most reliable dam). Perhaps to be consistent the LNP will reintroduce steam trains on the Mt Isa to Townsville rail line to resurrect the “puffin billy “days to match the proposed power station.
Apparently the LNP wants to promote 19th century production of power because it is not so much concerned with the supply of cheap power to northern Australia so much as its concern for the welfare of the coal barons ? If it was really concerned with the job at hand renewable energy would have been the option for low cost and the provision of large amounts of energy for industrial and residential use. This is a very important factor for the north given the potential for Cat5 cyclones in our area and the well-known link between greenhouse gases produced from coal fired power stations and increased severity of catastrophic weather events.
I was also amused to hear the Prime Minister of Australia state that his government would continue to “protect the vulnerable” how he made that statement with a straight face I do not know, however it was worth a Logie in the acting department.

The savagery of the LNP policy assault

Letter to the Editor
The savagery of the LNP policy assault upon low income families from both state and federal spheres has been ferocious and has resulted in both the poor and working poor holding on by their fingernails to survival, unacknowledged by LNP politicians who are scrambling to transfer public money away from those who need it to survive, into the pockets of the mega-rich whose insatiable greed has no bounds.
Australians have fought hard and long over centuries for the Aussie “fair go for all” to be instituted into the Australian character, however within a few short years the conservatives have ripped away safeguards and protection for everyday Australians, their workplaces and their environment. Pensioners have always been poor, however due to collective LNP policies the depths of poverty are being plumbed right now, with many not even able to enjoy a daily shower in fear of receiving electricity bills for hot water that they cannot pay and trying to survive on breakfast cereal.
We have always upheld the dignity of our fellow Australians that is until now. PM Abbott talks of a “short term funding of military action for humanitarian purposes” on the other side of the world, but ignores the plight of his own people who have worked long and hard to progress this nation to where it is today. The hypocrisy is breathtaking to see Australians living in poverty while these conservative governments syphon public monies to multibillion dollar multinational corporations, wake up Australia, this is not right.

The policies that are being enacted

Letter to the Editor
The policies that are being enacted by state and federal divisions of the LNP in attacking the poor and working poor are leaving a distressed population in their wake.
To push the already financially distressed pensioners from living in poverty to living in extreme poverty is surely very unAustralian in nature; we have never experienced a government so ready to financially assault the overwhelming majority of Australians to deliver more and more money into the pockets of the mega-rich in living memory in this nation.
The abolition of the Mining Tax, in which ordinary Australians were compensated in part for the loss of “our” minerals, and at the cost to every low paid working person’s superannuation payout on retirement, was a very “low” act. The reduction by stealth in the funding of a pension for working people at the end of their working lives (70 years of age) and for those who have become disabled during their working lives is an absolute disgrace. I notice “corporate welfare” remains untouched looking after the wealthy, as usual from a conservative government.
The abolition of the price on carbon pollution has cleared the way for the dirty coal industry and electricity generators to pollute to their hearts content, while the knowledge on the effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is well known, more droughts, more floods, more severe cyclones for northern Australia, more bushfires for southern Australia, all for the sake of the insatiable greed of the billionaires and multinational corporations, Australians have been sacrificed like a pawn in a chess game.
The constant financial assault has taken its toll on my mental health and I am slipping into severe depression over the worry to my family’s wellbeing. Australians who are able, need to take drastic action to curb this assault, perhaps our only way out is a Double Dissolution of both houses of parliament, the triggers are there but the LNP don’t have the guts to pull them.
Shaun Newman

Who would have ever conceived

Letter to the Editor
Who would have ever conceived that a billionaire mining magnate would direct his puppets in the Senate to side with his former political party in order to abolish the Mining Tax, which leaves ordinary everyday working people worse off with their superannuation payouts after they finish their working lives at 70 years of age?
The obvious benefit to multinational corporations and Australian mining magnates at the expense (once again) of working Australians is despicable, making sure that those born into a working life style will never receive and even break from the conservative parties such as the LNP, PUP, Family First and the Liberal Democratic Party, these holier than thou boffins who are inflicted with a superiority complex should not be supported by any working Australian.
Their mission in life it seems is to tear down hard working people, people who actually contribute to the wellbeing of this nation. I wish a pox on all their houses for the unfair policies that they support. Heaven help them if they are ever in need (not likely with their money and connections) personally I wouldn’t pass water on them if they were burning, such is the dislike I have for all parasites in the democratic system. While democracy is said to deliver fairness, that theory does not hold water when thousands of ordinary people’s opinions can be corrupted by religious misinterpretation and just plain old greed. Our economy is being questioned at the moment by Moody’s international ratings agency, which is no surprise given the pathetic stewardship of wall-to-wall conservative governments currently in power in this country.
Shaun Newman