Who would have ever conceived

Letter to the Editor
Who would have ever conceived that a billionaire mining magnate would direct his puppets in the Senate to side with his former political party in order to abolish the Mining Tax, which leaves ordinary everyday working people worse off with their superannuation payouts after they finish their working lives at 70 years of age?
The obvious benefit to multinational corporations and Australian mining magnates at the expense (once again) of working Australians is despicable, making sure that those born into a working life style will never receive and even break from the conservative parties such as the LNP, PUP, Family First and the Liberal Democratic Party, these holier than thou boffins who are inflicted with a superiority complex should not be supported by any working Australian.
Their mission in life it seems is to tear down hard working people, people who actually contribute to the wellbeing of this nation. I wish a pox on all their houses for the unfair policies that they support. Heaven help them if they are ever in need (not likely with their money and connections) personally I wouldn’t pass water on them if they were burning, such is the dislike I have for all parasites in the democratic system. While democracy is said to deliver fairness, that theory does not hold water when thousands of ordinary people’s opinions can be corrupted by religious misinterpretation and just plain old greed. Our economy is being questioned at the moment by Moody’s international ratings agency, which is no surprise given the pathetic stewardship of wall-to-wall conservative governments currently in power in this country.
Shaun Newman


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