The policies that are being enacted

Letter to the Editor
The policies that are being enacted by state and federal divisions of the LNP in attacking the poor and working poor are leaving a distressed population in their wake.
To push the already financially distressed pensioners from living in poverty to living in extreme poverty is surely very unAustralian in nature; we have never experienced a government so ready to financially assault the overwhelming majority of Australians to deliver more and more money into the pockets of the mega-rich in living memory in this nation.
The abolition of the Mining Tax, in which ordinary Australians were compensated in part for the loss of “our” minerals, and at the cost to every low paid working person’s superannuation payout on retirement, was a very “low” act. The reduction by stealth in the funding of a pension for working people at the end of their working lives (70 years of age) and for those who have become disabled during their working lives is an absolute disgrace. I notice “corporate welfare” remains untouched looking after the wealthy, as usual from a conservative government.
The abolition of the price on carbon pollution has cleared the way for the dirty coal industry and electricity generators to pollute to their hearts content, while the knowledge on the effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is well known, more droughts, more floods, more severe cyclones for northern Australia, more bushfires for southern Australia, all for the sake of the insatiable greed of the billionaires and multinational corporations, Australians have been sacrificed like a pawn in a chess game.
The constant financial assault has taken its toll on my mental health and I am slipping into severe depression over the worry to my family’s wellbeing. Australians who are able, need to take drastic action to curb this assault, perhaps our only way out is a Double Dissolution of both houses of parliament, the triggers are there but the LNP don’t have the guts to pull them.
Shaun Newman


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