The savagery of the LNP policy assault

Letter to the Editor
The savagery of the LNP policy assault upon low income families from both state and federal spheres has been ferocious and has resulted in both the poor and working poor holding on by their fingernails to survival, unacknowledged by LNP politicians who are scrambling to transfer public money away from those who need it to survive, into the pockets of the mega-rich whose insatiable greed has no bounds.
Australians have fought hard and long over centuries for the Aussie “fair go for all” to be instituted into the Australian character, however within a few short years the conservatives have ripped away safeguards and protection for everyday Australians, their workplaces and their environment. Pensioners have always been poor, however due to collective LNP policies the depths of poverty are being plumbed right now, with many not even able to enjoy a daily shower in fear of receiving electricity bills for hot water that they cannot pay and trying to survive on breakfast cereal.
We have always upheld the dignity of our fellow Australians that is until now. PM Abbott talks of a “short term funding of military action for humanitarian purposes” on the other side of the world, but ignores the plight of his own people who have worked long and hard to progress this nation to where it is today. The hypocrisy is breathtaking to see Australians living in poverty while these conservative governments syphon public monies to multibillion dollar multinational corporations, wake up Australia, this is not right.


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