Following the longest year


Following the longest year of my life 7th September 2013 to 7th September 2014 and having read the 10 recommendations cobbled together by an LNP committee on the development of northern Australia I could hardly believe the lack of foresight expressed in the recommendations.
We are in the 21st century, so if it had come from elsewhere it would have been a surprise to read that the LNP see the future of northern Australia linked to a coal fired power station, especially given that we have an abundance of sunshine (solar power) and a dam that was originally built on the Burdekin River to house the proposed Burdekin Falls Dam Hydro Electricity Project in 1987(Queensland’s most reliable dam). Perhaps to be consistent the LNP will reintroduce steam trains on the Mt Isa to Townsville rail line to resurrect the “puffin billy “days to match the proposed power station.
Apparently the LNP wants to promote 19th century production of power because it is not so much concerned with the supply of cheap power to northern Australia so much as its concern for the welfare of the coal barons ? If it was really concerned with the job at hand renewable energy would have been the option for low cost and the provision of large amounts of energy for industrial and residential use. This is a very important factor for the north given the potential for Cat5 cyclones in our area and the well-known link between greenhouse gases produced from coal fired power stations and increased severity of catastrophic weather events.
I was also amused to hear the Prime Minister of Australia state that his government would continue to “protect the vulnerable” how he made that statement with a straight face I do not know, however it was worth a Logie in the acting department.


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