With all the mind games

With all the mind games attached to politics these days I wonder how many families who are paying a $300,000 mortgage think that they are in a terrible economic position, as we in Queensland and Australia are being asked to believe of our public finances? Yes money was borrowed to see us through the GFC and is being paid back as any loan would be; there is no urgency to see the debt paid off tomorrow, as I’m sure mortgagees would appreciate.
The Abbott LNP government is trying to convince us that we have a “budget emergency” and need to pay a co-payment of $7 to see our GPs yet this government has just committed itself to a war that will cost $500 million a year to fight? To me this does not make sense. Following a year of financial mismanagement from Hockey and Co, Australia still retains a AAA economic rating that was obtained under the previous Labor government, for how much longer, one has to wonder.
Our Queensland LNP government has crucified us for years now with rapidly increasing electricity costs and have been found out on so many occasions telling us one thing while doing something quite different. The police hub in Townsville is the latest scam; we were told that the LNP would provide 22 new officers to staff the hub, now we find that those 22 officers will be drawn from existing police stations? How can we believe what LNP politicians tell us?
In North Queensland, we see on the TV news that a new 6 lane highway will be built in S-E Queensland; while we in Townsville cannot get a bridge within city limits on the Bruce Highway to transverse the Bohle River in the northwards direction? Queenslanders and Australians have been badly let down by the LNP governments and the time is quickly arriving in Queensland when the backlash against their extreme right wing policies will be judged by the people who are suffering under their regime.


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