Just another brick in the wall

Just another brick in the wall separating Queenslanders in North Queensland from prosperity and a standard of living we have become a accustomed to as Australians. Firstly the proposal to privatise the Port of Townsville and the Mt Isa to Townsville rail line, and then the latest blow to each and every North Queenslander, privatising the Queensland Electricity Industry which will cost the pensioners and the working poor the most, as it will be a further large bite into our low incomes. Thanks to the LNP.
Speaking of incomes, of course when/if these public assets are sold it will also have an effect on government income, as government income from these assets will cease, meaning that services will have to be further cut in the spiral to the lowest common denominator.
The irony is that both State and Federal LNP government claim to be in debt, anyone in Australia who has been able to acquire anything of value is either in debt or have been in debt i.e. mortgage, but is particularly strange given that we are apparently now borrowing $500 million, half a billion dollars a year to fight a war on the other side of the globe? Why do ordinary Australian citizens have to starve and go without proper health and education for our government to fight a war that belongs to a Middle-Eastern country, and please don’t tell me … weapons of mass destruction again? Why there is always money available for war, but never for peace is a mystery, could it be that no money is made from peace? The current internal terrorism claims have arrived at a very convenient time for the LNP too convenient perhaps?


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