I won’t sit in silence

I won’t sit in silence, and I won’t live in fear because of an LNP fear campaign to divide Australians for the purposes of their own re-election. Common sense tells me that not all German’s were Nazi’s and likewise not all Muslim’s are terrorists. At this time in Australian history we are badly in need of a leader who can unite Australia’s many ethnic peoples, not divide them.
If, and I say “if” terrorists were to strike in Australia it would not be in regional Australia and probably not be in a capital city with the exception of Canberra and then only to make a fundamental statement that they could strike at the heart of Australia’s government anything else would be futile.
The LNP seems to enjoy the politics of division with people living in fear; well I will not live in fear. There were more than 850 people damaged last year in Australia from “domestic violence” but I don’t see a swift reaction from authorities to that situation, we need each one of us to ask ourselves who gains from this division, not I or my neighbours. People tend to stick with the government that they have when they feel threatened.
Is it just a coincidence that there are three state elections for the LNP to contest within the next six months, or is the threat real? In any instance I will continue to be concerned with reality and not supposition.


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