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Surely I’m not the only Australian

Surely I’m not the only Australian that can see the LNP agenda of reversing all the hard won benefits to ordinary people delivered over the past 40 years such as Medicare, and education reforms as examples. To me it is a blatant plan by LNP governments of all spheres local, state and federal to sell of the public enterprises which contribute to the levels of service that these governments can deliver. In conjunction with this they fail to collect taxes and/or local charges to multimillion dollar companies whilst demonizing those Australians who have become redundant for one reason or another and can no longer make the contribution they once did. Their mission is to privatize Australia.
This is their philosophy a USA style economy, it may be worth mentioning at this point that the USA are in $16 Trillion of debt as we speak, largely due to the aforementioned philosophies of making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. Like the USA the LNP are increasing the military budget, it seems that any and everything comes before “the people.” Why is it that the people always run last in priority for an LNP government in every sphere? Townsville has been decimated for many years with conservative government at local, state and federal levels and yet the ALP seems to offer little in the way of reforming policies for “the people.” The LNP don’t care as to whether or not they are re-elected, they will have done the damage of flogging our income bearing government identities to their corporate mates. To make sure that future government will not have the revenue to provide services to “the people.”

With the loss of the last truly Labor Prime Minister

With the loss of the last truly Labor Prime Minister the Hon E.G.Whitlam AC QC, Australia has lost a man of integrity and of great vision of how Australia could have been, an independent nation relying on no other, it was a vision for the many, not for the few. Of course the conservative forces in Australia could not stand by and see a democratically elected government bring change that would benefit all Australians.
The great man that Gough Whitlam was based his life on egalitarianism, fairness for all not just the few. Those of us who were privileged enough to meet the man could not help but be impressed by him. He was well read on most subjects and showed by actual demonstration how the LNP policies discriminated against the many and gave to the few.
He saw families such as mine where a child got sick and the extreme financial pressure that it put on the family to take the child to see a GP and sought to change that. Now we have the conservatives trying their best to reimpose a co-payment into the universal health system that Mr. Whitlam introduced.
He saw families with bright children who could have attended university but for the financial position of the family, being low to middle income, and he sought to change that. Now the conservatives are trying their best to reimpose $100,000 university fees to keep the talented children of working class families out of the higher education sector once again.
He saw the inequality of life if you happened to be born Aboriginal in Australia, and he recognized the immense connection between Aboriginal people and their land, and initiated Aboriginal Land Rights, as a way to begin changing that situation, of course the LNP opposed all Mr. Whitlam’s policies and this was no exception.
Before 1972 a woman who was being bashed by her husband and sought a divorce had to present to a court of law the reasons for her wanting a divorce, PM Whitlam thought that very unfair and bought in “no fault divorce” until this time women were viewed as a man’s goods and chattels a deplorable situation.
The Hon E.G.Whitlam was a courageous warrior for beneficial change for the Australian public; he also introduced the system of “legal aid” unheard of pre 1972. This is in part why he is known as a giant of Australian politics, he was the last true Labor Prime Minister, and following his tenure in government the Labor Party lurched to the right, away from the people that it once had great visions of representing and serving. The ALP remains much of an empty shell to this day, with policies more suited to LNP governments past than the courageous Whitlam government who wanted to “buy back the farm” and keep Australia independently prosperous. Vale the Honourable Edward Gough Whitlam AC QC.

It is to be hoped


It is to be hoped that Queenslanders can see the “long game’ being played by the current Queensland government for what it is. That is, a lazy process which could have been carried out by any government instead of growing the state and therefore increasing prosperity through government revenue rather than selling “the farm” which will result in decreased government revenue, and therefore services, especially services to the bush, and regional and rural Queensland will suffer greatly.
The current government is Brisbane centric; the furthest west they go is Ipswich and the furthest north the Sunshine Coast. It seems to be a fact that the further away from Brisbane or the South-East corner, the less important we become, especially now that the Liberal Party has gobbled up the National Party to form the LNP. One would think then that they would be happy to have a separate state of North Queensland, but wait, no, that’s where much of the Queensland government revenue comes from, so that would never do.
Camp Newman came to power offering very few specific policies except to lower the cost of living, which he has failed miserably on delivering. It seems that Camp has made all the connections with financial networks that have assured him a financial stress free life if he loses power, but seems hell bent on selling our assets cheaply to his new found friends which will further raise the cost of living to ordinary Queenslanders whilst cutting, even existing services.
The long game being played by the LNP at both a state and federal level is to bring us to our knees and develop a USA type economy where if you are unlucky enough to be injured at work and not be able to continue to work you are consigned to the rubbish bin. The unemployed are hindered rather than helped and the emphasis always remains on the $48 billion state debt instead of devising ways in which to grow and prosper as a state, the LNP take the lazy way out. I’m always aghast when heads of companies who pay themselves millions of dollars every year complain about rising wages which more often than not are below inflation rises which means wages are actually going backwards. The lesson to be learnt here is that, it is a fact that the LNP are very poor managers of public money.

Why do the poorest families

Why do the poorest families lose the most in the federal LNP budget as we discovered last week, and a supplementary if I may, why does the federal LNP continue to allow huge corporations in Australia to get away without paying $8.4 billion in taxes every year that they should pay? Is it too simplistic to repeat the old say that the LNP are the servants of the rich?
We heard last week that poverty now affects 2.5 million Australians and is growing at a rapid rate, yet the LNP at State and Federal level are proposing selling even more of our productive government assets which of course are delivering income to governments to provide much needed services for all including health and education. Once these assets are sold/leased that’s it, no more revenue to government, services will be cut to the bone and the poor thrown onto the streets USA style, is that what Australians want? Are we back to the law of the jungle?
If the LNP had the courage to collect the taxes that should be had from these multibillion dollar corporations this nation and its people would be much better off. The corporations have a corporate mental health complaint, it is known as insatiable greed, will ordinary Aussies sit back and watch this treachery unfold or will those who are able to, stand and oppose this lunacy? If you have a well-paid job this may not interest you, until you lose it, the job that is.

India feast


“India feast of colour and culture” TB 09.10.14. This is great to see the colour and vibrancy of India on display in the same way the Greek festival is displayed in Townsville. We in Townsville are very lucky to have people from many, many nations living peacefully with us in Townsville. Others of different nationalities I’m sure will celebrate with the Indian people, whether they are natural born Australians or come from other nations such as Cuba, Brazil the Philippines or China, it is yet another occasion where Australians from all backgrounds can come together to celebrate this wonderful country.



Ebola is becoming rampant in Africa it seems, and in urgent need of humanitarian help from world governments, but sadly there is no money to be made in helping in this humanitarian crisis, because there are no warplanes or military involved. It seems that an Iraqi life is more precious than an African life?
The Abbott government has no trouble borrowing another $500 million per year to service a humanitarian action in Iraq, even with a so called “budget emergency” in which Australia’s poorest people have been targeted to be destined to deeper poverty and even lower living standards in order to service this “expanding LNP debt and deficit” that the Abbott government has massively added to in their 1st year of office.
The ALP were in 2013 a disorganized rabble that nobody could vote for, with internal squabbles that made governing virtually impossible, and the ALP desperately need democratic reforms instituted within their party, but, as was often said, even the worst Labor government is better than the best LNP government . Now we in Queensland are acutely aware of what that old saying actually means, having experienced an LNP government since 2012, we now know why they were out of office for so many years.
The Qld LNP skulduggery continues with the member for Moggill (a safe LNP seat) losing pre-selection for his seat at the coming Qld election at a time when Campbell Newman appears to be struggling to hold his seat of Ashgrove, it is not difficult to predict what will take place in this situation, conservative corruption of the highest order I assume?
Campbell Newman came to office with a promise to lower the cost of living and since then has presided over massive rises in the cost of electricity, hence raising the cost of living to a point where many low income families are finding it increasingly difficult to survive.

I’m calling for expressions of interest


I’m calling for expressions of interest in forming an organization that I’m proposing to be named The Church of Ned Kelly (CoNK). We would worship the memory of working class hero Ned Kelly and his followers such as Dan Kelly and the rest of his worshippers.
Our national dress would be modern versions of the armour and of course the Kelly hood. My proposal, if it attracts any interest would of course encompass Church funds, which of course do not attract taxes of any kind, so we could build a small empire in double quick time. We would naturally have to seek exemption from existing laws for our attire and our goals would be to progress the existing situations of the poor, as Ned Kelly did.
If you have an interest or any expertise in how we could expand and develop and register our organization please get in touch.