Surely I’m not the only Australian

Surely I’m not the only Australian that can see the LNP agenda of reversing all the hard won benefits to ordinary people delivered over the past 40 years such as Medicare, and education reforms as examples. To me it is a blatant plan by LNP governments of all spheres local, state and federal to sell of the public enterprises which contribute to the levels of service that these governments can deliver. In conjunction with this they fail to collect taxes and/or local charges to multimillion dollar companies whilst demonizing those Australians who have become redundant for one reason or another and can no longer make the contribution they once did. Their mission is to privatize Australia.
This is their philosophy a USA style economy, it may be worth mentioning at this point that the USA are in $16 Trillion of debt as we speak, largely due to the aforementioned philosophies of making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. Like the USA the LNP are increasing the military budget, it seems that any and everything comes before “the people.” Why is it that the people always run last in priority for an LNP government in every sphere? Townsville has been decimated for many years with conservative government at local, state and federal levels and yet the ALP seems to offer little in the way of reforming policies for “the people.” The LNP don’t care as to whether or not they are re-elected, they will have done the damage of flogging our income bearing government identities to their corporate mates. To make sure that future government will not have the revenue to provide services to “the people.”


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