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In the face


In the face of a badly mismanaged Australian economy including a refusal from the federal LNP government to make multinational companies operating in Australia pay their fair share of taxation to our country estimated to be approximately $8.4 billion each and every year, we find we are saddled with a deteriorating budget deficit under the ruling LNP government. Ordinary low income tax payers have no capacity to pay more tax we already pay approximately 19% income tax compounded by a 10% GST on almost everything we purchase. It is now the turn of the wealthy to contribute their responsibility to the nation that they make multi millions and in some cases billions from, we can no longer do it alone.
It is interesting to note that the combined wealth of our three wealthiest Australians equals that of the poorest one million Australians, this could hardly be assessed as being a “fair go.” I’m aware that the conservatives will mount the same old tired defence that this is the politics of envy though nothing could be further from the truth; the argument is one of “fairness” and “responsibility” and “common sense.” I suggest a change to federal law with back up enforcement provisions that ensure that all multinational companies in Australia pay their fair share of taxation to our country and can no longer avoid doing so, and also we should immediately install a 1% wealth tax on those people who can well afford to contribute and meet their responsibility to our nation. We can no longer afford tired old reactive LNP governments who pamper their donors “the people” deserve better and the weekend results in Victoria have shown that “the people” are prepared to oust governments who attack their public assets and don’t give them a :”fair go.”

How quickly the Townsville Bulletin passed over the story of possible corruption

How quickly the Townsville Bulletin passed over the story of the possible corruption of our Townsville First conservative Councillor’s. I was surprised with the speed which with the issue was dispensed with. Those of us who follow the local scene understand that there is a “club” of developers who always benefit from the release of new land for development at the expense of open and free competition. It follows that the protection offered by the council to “the club” is the reason that the Steggles “Pinnacles” development worth $2 billion was ruled out of order.
My understanding was that this developer had offered to also develop public infrastructure such as the widening of Riverway Drive to accommodate the increased levels of traffic that this development would bring, something that the conservative member for Thuringowa Sam Cox MP has been unsuccessfully trying to persuade the tired old conservative LNP government to fund. Townsville is in need of a dramatic boost to our transport capacity it seems that the only way that the demand will be met is to introduce, after years of screaming for it to return, light rail. We had it here in the 1950s however when Brisbane became the jewel in the crown, many decades ago, we lost it.
With the traffic congestion to and from the Northern Beaches suburbs every working day bumper to bumper and duplicated in the upper Ross as new housing developments go in without proper road upgrades the only answer is light rail. Northern Beaches traffic can get into town on heavy rain days but cannot get home because the Bohle River does not have high level bridges in both directions and bedlam breaks out every time the rain is heavy on a weekly working day, as the northern track is inundated, it is disgusting, yet I have not heard a peep from the conservative member for Thuringowa, why? Does the LNP not care about vehicle commuters or commuters in general? “The people” will not tolerate this shirking of responsibility and will react much in the same manner as Victorians did last weekend.

The South Australian people


The South Australian people stopped the rot, and now the Victorians have stunningly began the domino’s falling for these cruel and inept LNP governments in Australia. The conservative LNP assault on our public health and educations systems plus the new tax on petrol and a threat of a co-payment (new tax) to see our local GPs from their federal colleagues have helped to overturn a sitting first term LNP government, as will happen next year in Queensland for similar social crimes against our population. The LNP assault on TAFE funding is particularly cruel because not all student’s will be capable of paying $100,000 for a university degree, which will of course revert back to the sole position of wealthy families who can afford to subsidize “their” children through the process.
The Victorian election was a triumph for “the people” who can see LNP governments favouring “their” wealthy mates through the winning of government contracts, at the cost of “the people” who would then have to pay tolls to use a road partially built with “their” own taxation money. This is nowhere near good enough, and good on the Victorians for standing up and saying so. They may be different jurisdictions; however we understand that they are the same political party, with the same “anti-people” philosophy.
In Queensland we have experienced similar cuts to health and education, TAFE funding cuts and all the usual things that conservative LNP governments do, it is to be hoped that next year when our State election is due that Queenslanders will also recognize that the cuts to the above that the Newman LNP government has made has weakened our personal fiscal standing, including the sacking of 15,000 public servants in our State, who consisted of doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff at the Townsville Hospital numbering in excess of 200 people, affecting both the workers and their families. We must continue to take the governments back, one by one until the “fair go” is once again returned to this great country. It’s time to ask you: What has a LNP government done for my family recently? When the opportunity arises in Queensland, and later federally, it will be time for another domino to fall.

I note that the head


I note that the head of Westfarmers, who own Coles and a number of other businesses, is being paid $9.4 million per annum and that some of the shareholders were understandably voicing their complaint in Saturday’s news. Figures such as these are a stark reminder to the 3.5 million Australians who are surviving on less than $37,000 per annum of how out of touch with reality those executives’ pay packets really are.
Many years ago in the 1990s when CEOs were known as General Managers their pay was generally around 5-6 times the average weekly wage, which is, if workers were on a wage of $25,000 per annum the General Manager received approximately $125-150,000 per annum. I note that they still use the age old excuse that they must compete globally. I challenge just a single company to reduce its remuneration to 5-6 times that of its employees and examine how many applicants apply for the job, I’d bet pounds to a peanut that the company would still receive plenty of suitably qualified people to perform the task.

The frequency


The frequency with which Queensland is being hit with catastrophic weather events is arriving in shorter and shorter intervals than ever before with the latest “super” storm to hit Brisbane. We have seen in Northern Australia, many destructive cyclones in recent years and in Brisbane we saw the 2011 floods and now, yet another message from Mother Nature that she does not appreciate the increasing pollution. The LNP governments at both State and Federal level ignore the 97% of world scientists who call for a huge increase in renewable energy to alleviate this problem they fail to connect the dots and prefer to favour their wealthy coal mining friends over the safety of their constituents.
What a preposterous situation no wonder the insurance companies are angry it is they who cop the brunt of the governments incompetence. We have been warned since 1990 that this would occur yet coal fired electricity continues unbaited in Queensland. It seems as though it is up to each and every household who are able to install solar power to do so as our LNP governments will not take responsibility for the actions of the wealthy, perhaps being an LNP donor may lie at the heart of the matter?

City in for triple treat


“City in for a triple treat” TB 22.11.14. Surely the LNP are having a lend of us Townsville voters in supplying a few crumbs to the city in the form of $4.2 million for a CBD bus hub, and $2 million to improve facilities at Jezzine parkland this is only petty cash when compared to the State government “present” income and should be done as a matter of course without making out that it is something special. These are issues that State governments are responsible for.
How generous for the Transport Minister to be supportive of Thuringowa LNP MP Sam Cox in his bid to upgrade Riverway Drive between Gollogly and Allambie Lanes to four lanes, however when it comes to a commitment to actually do the work, the LNP are missing in action, as usual, again this would only take petty cash in government terms to build. As usual the lion’s share of road funding is spent in the S-E corner, and bugger all for the North.
The accompanying story “Capital push for wishlist” also confirms the LNP at a federal level don’t care about North Queensland as the ‘lobby group’ have a junket to Canberra trying to raise some interest in our part of the world, I notice there was no community representation in the delegation, only local government and business people, as usual, it seems that nobody cares what “the people” want. Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill says she wants them to think about how they are going to fund infrastructure, that’s almost laughable given that the LNP at every level of government, local, state and federal are selling (leasing) income generating public assets that deliver governments with the income to fund such purposes.

I refer to the Townsville Bulletin story

I refer to the Townsville Bulletin story 20.11.14 “workers ‘on tightrope’ put in unpaid overtime.” This practice has persisted for many years; I too was a victim of it 20 odd years ago. ‘On average, full time workers do six unpaid hours of overtime every week.” I was at the highest end of that scale which persisted for two decades until I finally broke down with chronic major depression and generalised anxiety disorder, but was reminded on a daily basis what would happen if I failed to produce my workload.
I notice that the workers had gifted the employers or donated as the story tells it 58.8 million hours of unpaid overtime or a staggering $110 billion, the irony is that had that work been rewarded as it should have been with payment our economy would be $110 billion better off, as well as the individual coerced worker and their family. The unions used to campaign for a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay but the treatment handed out to today’s workers is an absolute disgrace that needs correcting. Sadly that correction won’t come from the billionaire’s political party, the LNP, but the next Labor government needs to take steps to stamp this evil practice out.

Before Ewen Jones


Before Ewen Jones has a go at Cathy O’Toole in his letter “Abbott’s G20 address beats Labor’s grand, empty statements” he should remember other statements from his leader.
In particular the LNP leader’s 2013 promise that there would be no cuts to the ABC, SBS, health and education. With a 5% cut to the ABC alone, this Abbott statement has become a reminder of a previous LNP leader’s promises which eventually classed as “core” and “non-core” promises, we apparently cannot believe any statement/promise that the LNP make.
In Queensland we saw Campbell Newman before the last election tell the public service that they had nothing to fear from a Newman government, the next we know 15,000 public servants are sacked, including over 5,000 from Queensland Health, including doctor’s and nurse’s. Now we have a prominent Townsville LNP member telling us that the super stadium will go ahead, (despite a poll showing that Townsvillians would rather the money be spent in different ways) while the Deputy Premier is saying that money from the proposed asset sales will go toward building a railway line for one of the world’s largest mining companies, confusion reigns supreme in the Qld LNP.
If all this were not enough, now we have Qld LNP parliamentarians arguing in factions as to who should be the leader of the parliamentary party, what a circus. People do not elect disunited political parties, hopefully that trend continues.

How very unsurprising


How very unsurprising reports yesterday that the income from asset sales/leasing will be put towards the Adani coal mine railway project instead of going to government responsibilities to the people of Queensland in Health and Education facilities and staffing. The LNP certainly are not a party of the people, they are a party of big business, and bugger the people.
The futile attempt to help the multibillion dollar foreign company at the expense of Queensland citizens once again highlights where the LNP policy priorities are, and they are certainly not with helping the people who vote for them. Governments are not supposed to help foreign mining companies it’s the other way around, the mining companies are supposed to help the community by paying royalties, if the company cannot afford to begin a venture then the venture should simply not go ahead if it requires public money to begin. After all this is supposed to be private enterprise, if as they say it’s an investment citizens should know how much is being invested and how much our return is likely to be.
It seems that the LNP squeal about being in debt but can always find money for large private enterprise companies, if only the hapless citizens of Queensland and our small businesses were so lucky to receive so much attention. It doesn’t make sense to be spending perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars on a dying sector of the economy when the world is grasping renewable energy at a rapid rate that will soon see the demise of the coal industry.

Climate change is real


Climate change is real and the rest of the world recognises that as a fact, so it was with embarrassment that I watched our LNP Prime Minister in the prelude to the G20 boast about the abolition of the price on carbon, when all other nations are going in completely the opposite direction, the longer that action to deal with climate change is deferred, the more costly it will be.
That was bad enough, but to watch Treasurer Hockey on Sunday morning say that climate change was not an impediment to growth was absurd. How much productivity will be lost as a result of extended droughts, increasing frequency of bushfires and high velocity cyclones and flooding in future as Australia squibs on its responsibility to effectively tackle climate change?
Unfortunately the LNP at all levels seem to not understand the science and will condemn us to the future ravages associated with this climatic reality. The agreement between China and the United States of America is a signal that climatic experiences are already severe and will get worse unless action is taken. The yesterday’s men in the LNP do not accept the science that the rest of the world accepts, they are yesterday’s men behaving in the manner that men in power used to behave in, that’s no longer good enough, we need to seek out progressive government’s or there will be nothing left to save.