I once met a couple

I once met a couple in Townsville who had low paying jobs, drove a car under 5 years old, and owned a microwave oven and because of these things viewed themselves as “middle class” people. I contained my laughter but started to wonder if many people in their situation had the same thought pattern?
Is the average Australian couple so affected by an inferiority complex that they must, in their own minds, elevate their social standing to feel as though they are accepted by society? They were/are obviously working class people, I’m also fascinated with people’s infatuation with titles, such as “Dairy Case Manager” at Coles or Woolworths, these people are obviously shop assistants, but derive great pleasure from the title? I hasten to add that their pay does not match the grandiose statue of their title. They simply receive shop assistant’s pay.
It worries me that Australians have become so frail since the USA invasion post WW11 that they seem to clutch at any opportunity to elevate their would be social standing instead of admitting that they are simply workers being paid a humble workers wage.


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