UN new climate arert


Re Townsville Bulletin 13.11.14 UN in new climate alert. One wonders if this alarming report will make any difference to conservative governments the world over who have patrons with huge holdings in coal and oil which are the main difference that humanity can make to the greenhouse effect having the devastating climatic affects all over the world that we have monitored since Hurricane Katrina in the USA all those years ago. Dr David Suzuki has warned us since 1990 of what was to come.
These days the planet has the technology to produce electricity without the use of coal but that would mean that some billionaires would be broke almost overnight. Are we prepared as humanity to continue to put ourselves and our communities at peril to make sure that the rich stay rich?
History will show our generation as the one that could have saved the earth but were so self-absorbed that we did not care enough to ensure our own future, a damning indictment for our grand-children to ponder.


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