It had to come

It had to come; finally the largest polluting countries the USA and China are working to lower their emissions as the message finally has filtered through, though Dr David Suzuki has been telling us since 1990 that this action would need to be taken. It seems that next year the whole world will commit to taking drastic action on climate change, which is all nations except Australia, it would seem. We will be planting trees and hoping for the best.
With the USA and China now bowing to the inevitable and working to tackle greenhouse gas emissions which will mean the end of coal, which again, only makes sense. Why would any nation burn coal when they can derive power from the sun in the form of solar panels or wind turbines or the multitude of other renewable sources? Renewable energy and world opinion has quickly overtaken the conservative backward thinking LNP who are yesterday’s people trying to sell yesterday’s policies when the world has progressed and moved on.
We as a State and as a nation should be looking to the future with optimism because we have the technology that was missing in yesteryear however so long as we suffer LNP governments who look to the past for ideas and are incapable of thinking outside the square we are doomed to return to a third world economy as those around us zoom ahead with new ways of doing things instead of the old conservative ways known to our grandfathers.


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