Climate change is real


Climate change is real and the rest of the world recognises that as a fact, so it was with embarrassment that I watched our LNP Prime Minister in the prelude to the G20 boast about the abolition of the price on carbon, when all other nations are going in completely the opposite direction, the longer that action to deal with climate change is deferred, the more costly it will be.
That was bad enough, but to watch Treasurer Hockey on Sunday morning say that climate change was not an impediment to growth was absurd. How much productivity will be lost as a result of extended droughts, increasing frequency of bushfires and high velocity cyclones and flooding in future as Australia squibs on its responsibility to effectively tackle climate change?
Unfortunately the LNP at all levels seem to not understand the science and will condemn us to the future ravages associated with this climatic reality. The agreement between China and the United States of America is a signal that climatic experiences are already severe and will get worse unless action is taken. The yesterday’s men in the LNP do not accept the science that the rest of the world accepts, they are yesterday’s men behaving in the manner that men in power used to behave in, that’s no longer good enough, we need to seek out progressive government’s or there will be nothing left to save.


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