How very unsurprising


How very unsurprising reports yesterday that the income from asset sales/leasing will be put towards the Adani coal mine railway project instead of going to government responsibilities to the people of Queensland in Health and Education facilities and staffing. The LNP certainly are not a party of the people, they are a party of big business, and bugger the people.
The futile attempt to help the multibillion dollar foreign company at the expense of Queensland citizens once again highlights where the LNP policy priorities are, and they are certainly not with helping the people who vote for them. Governments are not supposed to help foreign mining companies it’s the other way around, the mining companies are supposed to help the community by paying royalties, if the company cannot afford to begin a venture then the venture should simply not go ahead if it requires public money to begin. After all this is supposed to be private enterprise, if as they say it’s an investment citizens should know how much is being invested and how much our return is likely to be.
It seems that the LNP squeal about being in debt but can always find money for large private enterprise companies, if only the hapless citizens of Queensland and our small businesses were so lucky to receive so much attention. It doesn’t make sense to be spending perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars on a dying sector of the economy when the world is grasping renewable energy at a rapid rate that will soon see the demise of the coal industry.


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