I refer to the Townsville Bulletin story

I refer to the Townsville Bulletin story 20.11.14 “workers ‘on tightrope’ put in unpaid overtime.” This practice has persisted for many years; I too was a victim of it 20 odd years ago. ‘On average, full time workers do six unpaid hours of overtime every week.” I was at the highest end of that scale which persisted for two decades until I finally broke down with chronic major depression and generalised anxiety disorder, but was reminded on a daily basis what would happen if I failed to produce my workload.
I notice that the workers had gifted the employers or donated as the story tells it 58.8 million hours of unpaid overtime or a staggering $110 billion, the irony is that had that work been rewarded as it should have been with payment our economy would be $110 billion better off, as well as the individual coerced worker and their family. The unions used to campaign for a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay but the treatment handed out to today’s workers is an absolute disgrace that needs correcting. Sadly that correction won’t come from the billionaire’s political party, the LNP, but the next Labor government needs to take steps to stamp this evil practice out.


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