City in for triple treat


“City in for a triple treat” TB 22.11.14. Surely the LNP are having a lend of us Townsville voters in supplying a few crumbs to the city in the form of $4.2 million for a CBD bus hub, and $2 million to improve facilities at Jezzine parkland this is only petty cash when compared to the State government “present” income and should be done as a matter of course without making out that it is something special. These are issues that State governments are responsible for.
How generous for the Transport Minister to be supportive of Thuringowa LNP MP Sam Cox in his bid to upgrade Riverway Drive between Gollogly and Allambie Lanes to four lanes, however when it comes to a commitment to actually do the work, the LNP are missing in action, as usual, again this would only take petty cash in government terms to build. As usual the lion’s share of road funding is spent in the S-E corner, and bugger all for the North.
The accompanying story “Capital push for wishlist” also confirms the LNP at a federal level don’t care about North Queensland as the ‘lobby group’ have a junket to Canberra trying to raise some interest in our part of the world, I notice there was no community representation in the delegation, only local government and business people, as usual, it seems that nobody cares what “the people” want. Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill says she wants them to think about how they are going to fund infrastructure, that’s almost laughable given that the LNP at every level of government, local, state and federal are selling (leasing) income generating public assets that deliver governments with the income to fund such purposes.


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