The frequency


The frequency with which Queensland is being hit with catastrophic weather events is arriving in shorter and shorter intervals than ever before with the latest “super” storm to hit Brisbane. We have seen in Northern Australia, many destructive cyclones in recent years and in Brisbane we saw the 2011 floods and now, yet another message from Mother Nature that she does not appreciate the increasing pollution. The LNP governments at both State and Federal level ignore the 97% of world scientists who call for a huge increase in renewable energy to alleviate this problem they fail to connect the dots and prefer to favour their wealthy coal mining friends over the safety of their constituents.
What a preposterous situation no wonder the insurance companies are angry it is they who cop the brunt of the governments incompetence. We have been warned since 1990 that this would occur yet coal fired electricity continues unbaited in Queensland. It seems as though it is up to each and every household who are able to install solar power to do so as our LNP governments will not take responsibility for the actions of the wealthy, perhaps being an LNP donor may lie at the heart of the matter?


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