The South Australian people


The South Australian people stopped the rot, and now the Victorians have stunningly began the domino’s falling for these cruel and inept LNP governments in Australia. The conservative LNP assault on our public health and educations systems plus the new tax on petrol and a threat of a co-payment (new tax) to see our local GPs from their federal colleagues have helped to overturn a sitting first term LNP government, as will happen next year in Queensland for similar social crimes against our population. The LNP assault on TAFE funding is particularly cruel because not all student’s will be capable of paying $100,000 for a university degree, which will of course revert back to the sole position of wealthy families who can afford to subsidize “their” children through the process.
The Victorian election was a triumph for “the people” who can see LNP governments favouring “their” wealthy mates through the winning of government contracts, at the cost of “the people” who would then have to pay tolls to use a road partially built with “their” own taxation money. This is nowhere near good enough, and good on the Victorians for standing up and saying so. They may be different jurisdictions; however we understand that they are the same political party, with the same “anti-people” philosophy.
In Queensland we have experienced similar cuts to health and education, TAFE funding cuts and all the usual things that conservative LNP governments do, it is to be hoped that next year when our State election is due that Queenslanders will also recognize that the cuts to the above that the Newman LNP government has made has weakened our personal fiscal standing, including the sacking of 15,000 public servants in our State, who consisted of doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff at the Townsville Hospital numbering in excess of 200 people, affecting both the workers and their families. We must continue to take the governments back, one by one until the “fair go” is once again returned to this great country. It’s time to ask you: What has a LNP government done for my family recently? When the opportunity arises in Queensland, and later federally, it will be time for another domino to fall.


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