In the face


In the face of a badly mismanaged Australian economy including a refusal from the federal LNP government to make multinational companies operating in Australia pay their fair share of taxation to our country estimated to be approximately $8.4 billion each and every year, we find we are saddled with a deteriorating budget deficit under the ruling LNP government. Ordinary low income tax payers have no capacity to pay more tax we already pay approximately 19% income tax compounded by a 10% GST on almost everything we purchase. It is now the turn of the wealthy to contribute their responsibility to the nation that they make multi millions and in some cases billions from, we can no longer do it alone.
It is interesting to note that the combined wealth of our three wealthiest Australians equals that of the poorest one million Australians, this could hardly be assessed as being a “fair go.” I’m aware that the conservatives will mount the same old tired defence that this is the politics of envy though nothing could be further from the truth; the argument is one of “fairness” and “responsibility” and “common sense.” I suggest a change to federal law with back up enforcement provisions that ensure that all multinational companies in Australia pay their fair share of taxation to our country and can no longer avoid doing so, and also we should immediately install a 1% wealth tax on those people who can well afford to contribute and meet their responsibility to our nation. We can no longer afford tired old reactive LNP governments who pamper their donors “the people” deserve better and the weekend results in Victoria have shown that “the people” are prepared to oust governments who attack their public assets and don’t give them a :”fair go.”


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