Upon reading


Upon reading “QUEUE FOR ROADS CASH” TB 02.12.14 I began to wonder which of the two factors if not both, were at work, the factors being “ignorance” or “stupidity” with the LNP politicians both State and federal naming projects in other MPs electorates as if nothing was required urgently in the greater Townsville area regarding road funding and traffic congestion.
Yes The Burdekin Bridge needs replacing and yes the bridge over the Haughton River are both urgent projects however also in the Townsville City region we urgently require both a widening of Riverway Drive and a high level bridge over the Bohle River to cater for the ever increasing amounts of population being squeezed into both areas. You simply cannot continue to approve development without upgrading road infrastructure accordingly, the results are very clear to motorists in both areas mentioned.
The spiteful reaction to the Victorian people electing a Labor Government by the LNP Prime Minister Abbott to pull federal funding of $3 billion to relieve traffic congestion in Melbourne is just another attempt at political blackmail, because the Victorian Premier has other ideas on how to solve that city’s traffic congestion. The LNP seems to believe that their plans are the only plans, as here in Queensland and in Townsville the way that they operate is not always in the best interests of ratepayer or taxpayer, as displayed recently in council.


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