Economy’s turn for worse


“Economy’s turn for worse” Townsville Bulletin 04.12.14 “It is an ugly set of numbers. The economy not only grew at less than half the pace economists had expected in the September quarter, but the pattern of growth gave no reason to hope for an imminent resurgence.”
After more than 15 months or in other words nearly half way through their term the federal LNP government has well and truly shown its incompetence in the financial management of the Australian economy, their policies and ideology simply do not work in the “real” world. This, accompanied with their refusal to either enforce responsibility on to the 1% of the wealthiest Australians or the multitude of multinational corporations who operate within this nation to contribute by way of paying their correct amount of taxation and or applying at least a temporary 1% wealth tax to attempt to balance the books as was one of their promises at the last election.
Given that they have already broken most of their other promises and given that they have plunged Australia one of the highest per capita producers of greenhouse gases in the world back into a position of not taking our responsibility as a good world citizen to tackle climate change, it seems the very least they could do.


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