The massive shift


The massive shift in public money to the wealthy is now well under way with the ordinary Australians who survive on $37,000 per annum or less, numbering three and a half million, really feeling the squeeze in their weekly budgets. While the LNP politicians continue to try to disguise this fact in all parliaments in which they hold power including local councils it is “the people” who are increasingly under stress trying to survive.
When will the LNP federal government seek a contribution from the rich, instead of always hammering the poor? It is the poor who are continuing to subsidize the rich in real terms. The gross imbalance between rich and poor is continuing to grow as more and more expense is shovelled onto ordinary working families, while the rich are unscathed, why does the wealth of the three richest Australians equal the wealth of the poorest one million Australians? Why, because the politics of hatred directed toward ordinary working Australians from the LNP who consider themselves a cut above the rest of the population and are determined to make us pay for being poor, as can be seen with the latest attempt to instigate $100,000 university degrees to exclude the children of the working class.


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