It is difficult to understand


It is difficult to understand the expectations of LNP government’s at both State and federal level of the use of working people’s taxation money to be expended on what are supposed to be private enterprise projects. We have seen the reckless use of taxpayer’s money at the federal level on fine dining tours which have cost many thousands of dollars for food and drink and now we see the Queensland LNP government investing money that was acquired from ordinary Queenslanders helping out a multibillion dollar company, why?
It should be noted that ordinary working people of Australia not only pay a minimum taxation rate of 19% and up to 47% for high earners but that their employers headline taxation percentage in cases of highly paid working people is much lower than the workers taxation percentage, and in addition the employer has a multitude of taxation deductions not available to the people that they employ which means at the business end of the transaction they pay little or no taxes. This ensures that along with paying far more tax, and donating 58.6 million hours of unpaid overtime estimated to be worth $110 billion (not million) the Australian workforce actually subsidize their employers.
One wonders how long it will take for the workforce to realize this fact and demand that employers and especially multinational corporations acting within Australia/Queensland are forced to pay their rightful share of taxation contribution to our nation and our State, instead of our LNP government chipping in hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money to build Adani Coal Co and Clive Palmer and others a railway line from the Galilee basin to Abbott Point. If the local butcher cannot afford a project then it does not go ahead, but for some inexplicable reason the money collected in taxes from the workforce is being misused, not to better our suffering Health system or for the education of our children but as venture capital by this LNP government, this is not the proper use of taxes paid by those who toil hard every day to earn a living, and should be rejected by the Queensland people until such time as business people and other wealthy people pay their “fair and responsible” share into maintaining our beautiful State and nation.


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