The Townsville Bulletin story


The Townsville Bulletin story “PM pins hopes on parental leave rejig” 08.12.14 is a telling exposé on the disunity of the LNP at both state and federal levels as accompanying story “Poll row: flogging for Flegg” amply illustrates. Australians do not vote for political parties who find themselves in a shambles and those who have grossly unfair policies relating to the poorest people in our society.
The Working class has been singled out in both spheres of government to bear the burden of financial repair even following Joe Hockey’s statement that we would all share the burden, the wealthy have been spared, yet again, it is ironic as it is they who can actually very well afford to pay a little extra. The LNP claim to be superior managers of our taxation contributions yet they have taken the federal deficit from $30 billion to $48 billion in only 15 months, likewise in Queensland they have taken a $50 billion deficit to $80 billion in only two and a half years, they have no evidence to back their claims, none.
The problem with the conservative LNP is precisely that, conservatism that doesn’t allow them to think outside the square to “grow” an economy by accepting new ideas, new technology, in the 21st century we are able to produce electricity from many and varied means but conservatism dictates the protection of old technology, old money and the holders of same even though it pollutes the planet. This strangles our progress and adds unnecessary costs to our cost of living to the detriment of all Queenslanders/Australians.
A rejuvenated Queensland Labor government now seems the only way we will return to relative prosperity for the overwhelming majority, they were wiped out at the last election and have hopefully learnt some valuable lessons like not selling public assets, and adopting new forms of energy production, and to introduce “fair go” policies. We also need restoration in both public health and education funding to repair the damage done by the LNP by even selling some schools. The prospect of opening the Ben Lomand uranium mine in the headwaters of the mighty Burdekin River and the possible contamination of Townsville’s future water supply should be enough to force swinging voters to desert the sitting LNP governments.


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