Mercy, please show some mercy


Mercy, please show some mercy! The LNP tag team of Abbott and Newman in the past two days have announced their low income bashing policy for low income earning sick people with their $5 co-payment policy to see our GPs, which in many cases will need to come before a decent meal for many families in Townsville.
To add insult to injury, today 11.12.14 their State counterpart, the member for Thuringowa in a Townsville Bulletin story entitled WATCH YOUR HEAD- New ambulances too tall to fit into Kirwan station, and if I may quote from that story, “Mr Cox said he was made aware of the situation “a year ago” after staff reported that higher clearance vehicles had crashed into the roof as they entered the station’s parking bay.” To further quote the story “Thuringowa MP Sam Cox said yesterday he would make an urgent plea to the State Government for funding to raise the station’s roof.”
A year has passed since the State LNP member of parliament was notified of this situation yet it is only now that he is acting on the threshold of an election, to my way of thinking this demonstrates how slack both the member, and his party are, when infrastructure for services to the people who vote for them is concerned, personally in my humble opinion, we simply can’t allow them to continue in this slap happy way as we are unsure as to what other services are being treated in the same fashion.


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