What a scam !!!

What a scam!!! “Medicare rebates cut” TB 10.12.14, the rejigging of the LNP co-payment policy has lowered the co-payment from $7 to $5 and in the process lowered the income of doctors unless they become yet another arm of the ATO and charge their patients the co-payment, shifting the blame from the LNP to doctors. The lust with which the LNP have approached the lowering of incomes in this country, beginning with the “pay cut” to the ADF, and now doctors is disgraceful.
It seems all working people, except “politicians” are now worth less and less, one wonders when the time will arrive for LNP politicians to “practice what they preach” and they themselves reduce their “pay and their perks?” Low income families simply won’t be able to visit a GP if they have two or more children; on low incomes this will become virtually impossible to afford.
Joe Hockey said that poor people don’t own cars, or if they did they don’t drive far, this is true, with the inflated cost of fuel a low income person/family simply cannot afford the cost of petrol, let alone another whack of $5 per patient after they manage to muster up enough money to put petrol in their cars to actually visit their GPs. This is apparently known to the “black hearted” Hockey, however the evil intent of the LNP seems to be to screw low income families to the wall. Yet another, of the disgusting attacks on those who can least afford to pay while the rich who make little to no contribution into our nation are yet again pardoned.


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