If Ryan Harris


If Ryan Harris is the most under-rated bowler in world cricket then surely Michael Clarke must be the most over-rated batsman and captain in world cricket. In Clarke’s past “19” Test innings he has passed a half century only twice and scored only one century, the balance of his innings were not worth mentioning, as evidence of his final score of only seven.
Clarke, much like Waugh before him, and Taylor before him, and Border before him was a product of being the “pet” New South Welshman that “had” to be included in the Test team whether they were scoring runs, taking wickets or not. Unfortunately this pathetic NSW bias regularly sees at least half of the Test team made up from NSW. Clarke yesterday had the arrogance and the gall to suggest yet another New South Welshman for the “captaincy” if he were not able to play again. What is the reason that players from other States would not be given an opportunity to represent their country, or captain it?
It seems that the progress in Australian Cricket begins with playing at club level, which is followed by State representation, followed by playing for NSW, only then does Test selection arrive. It must be so frustrating for all the great players in other State teams knowing that they will never play Test Cricket for their nation if they happen to miss out either being born in NSW or being selected to play for that State.


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