Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all those millions of Australians who will suffer further from the Hockeynomics/ Nichollnomics of the ultra-right wing LNP Abbott and Newman governments. Their dig it up, ship it out, narrow-minded approach to economics is now well known, as are the disadvantages to the population in general. The failure of these LNP governments to invest in job creating, pollution busting renewable energy is on record for all to see and remains part of the problem. The conservatism is nauseating, the public want to scream at them to concentrate on the benefits to ordinary Australians instead of the benefits to their wealthy mining magnate mates and open their minds to what they should be doing to “grow” the economy in both Queensland and in Australia in general.
We have just witnessed a “budget blowout” under the narrow perimeters they apply to our economy, searching for increases in old time energy creation such as coal and uranium, (20th century energy sources) the world has moved on to solar, wind, solar-thermal and many other ways of safely creating electricity for industry and consumers alike. In Queensland, one of the safest ways, in the past was hydroelectricity, we in North Queensland were wanting the Queensland Government to build the proposed Burdekin Falls Dam Hydroelectricity Scheme, long touted by the North Queensland population, partially for job creation, partially for economic benefit, however the plans for this development were sold by the Queensland LNP government to a New Zealand company who have decided not to go ahead with the project.
The LNP have “our” money on the wrong horse as their MiEFO statement of 15.12.14 clearly states with their policies only creating more unemployment, less consumer confidence yet they continue to “subsidize” these dying industries with billions of taxpayers’ funds, why?! It will be no surprise to see the Queensland LNP government disappear in the New Year, followed the following year by their federal counterparts, until then if you are in the millions of Australian families doing it tough and preparing to sink further in 2015 into poverty let us celebrate our coming victories and try at least to enjoy our short break over Christmas.


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