In this ever changing world


In this ever changing world, especially in the 21st century, it’s good to know that some things remain consistent. As it was when I read the LttE Townsville Bulletin 20.12.14 from our local LNP federal member of parliament Ewen Jones, titled Deficits have to end which of course was true. However as in traditional LNP statements that are “loose with the truth” the LttE only contained a half truth, instead of the whole truth, as we have come to expect from the LNP in general.
I was reminded of this LNP strategy when I read the Townsville Eye “The Ville” on Saturday 20.12.14. On the occasion in 1971 following the destruction of Townsville by Cyclone Althea where the then LNP Prime Minister Bill McMahon pledged “unlimited aid” for the repatriation of Townsville. Later it was revealed that in reality the actual amount of the pledge was a dollar for dollar matching of the State government allocation to the recovery which turned out to be a great deal less than needed and certainly not “unlimited aid” so the LNP have a long history of misleading statements, as we have discovered since 2012 in Queensland.
Back to the Ewen Jones LttE where we are told in essence that the supposed “budget emergency” was indeed a false statement from the “current LNP” and that our economy is basically sound and was left that way by Labor. Yet it does “not” go on to illustrate the other side of the coin that the revenue side of the budget, is struggling and that the Australian community, is in desperate need of the wealthy and multinational companies currently acting irresponsibly and not paying their fair share of taxation if any at all to this great nation to be made to do so, instead of being able to legally avoid paying any tax at all. This is nowhere near a “fair go” and must change. Why should the “working poor” need to subsidize those people and companies who make billions of dollars out of Australia every year? This needs to be corrected with haste, not out of envy, but out of fairness to the hard working Australian people in general.


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