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MP wanted fair go


“MP wanted fair go for all Townsville Bulletin 27.01.15.” Fittingly that the political giant that the Honourable Tom Uren was, he passed away on Australia Day. Tom Uren will always be remembered for his stewardship of the Department of Urban and Regional Development, when for the first time his federal government allocated funding to local councils for the betterment of all citizens. Tom Uren was a true Labor man, he was a democratic socialist as opposed to being a communist, and he knew what it was to be “working class” and through his initiative and discretion and judgement worked his way up from nothing to be a Woolworth’s branch manager before entering the parliament.
It is true that Mr Uren became isolated following the capture of Labor party in the 1980s by the conservative right wing faction which was led by Hawke and Keating, so much so that the “fair go for all” mantra of the party began to fade and Tom Uren and like-minded people in the party began to be ostracised in the minority Left wing. Tom Uren’s life in his commitment to democratic socialism (not communism, though some people may not be aware of the important differences) and peace and his will to improve the lives of the Australian people through government incentives will be remembered by those of us who still advocate the “fair go for all” philosophy. Tom Uren had a full life that was dedicated to his fellow man, for that, he should be remembered and cherished.

Drongos and dunny doors

Letter to the Editor
Drongos and Dunny doors – Straya the failed attempt from John Andersen to try to convince us that our Australian vocabulary had not been crushed by the USA-isation of our Aussie language was unsuccessful as he could quote so few Aussie expressions that have survived the onslaught from USA movies, and TV shows that it was pathetic and not only that, he had to explain what they meant, which, if they were still used, he wouldn’t have had to do.
The exercise wasn’t a total loss however, as he came up with two appropriate adjectives which suit two of the three sitting LNP members in Townsville. These were “showbag” for blokes who are full of s__t and “pothole” for blokes who are always in the road, in this case of progress. We have indeed lost our fair dinkum Aussie soul, and have been brainwashed consistently since the second world war to accept USA-isms over out Australian speech, sadly Ando himself can often be read referring to “cowboys” instead of “ringers” and referring to “apartments” instead of “flats” and “guys” instead of “blokes” so what hope is there for Aussie lingo when even the journalists have been converted to yankisms?
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In the dying days


In the dying days of the Newman government they are now aware that they are behind in the polls and that Queensland is likely to follow Victoria in the state of the LNP government. So stressed are the LNP and in particular Mr Newman that they are now politically trying to blackmail Queensland voters into returning their sitting LNP members, that they are threatening to cancel projects that were promised, such as the Townsville stadium if LNP members are not returned to those electorates in which promises were made for big expenditure items, such as the Townsville Stadium.
This will not make one iota of difference to Queenslanders and will only serve to solidify the resistance to the LNPs authoritarian rule, Campbell Newman is by birth a Tasmanian and as such does not understand that Queenslanders are a proud race of people who don’t buckle to blackmail or authoritarian rule, we are not all in the Army Mr Newman, and we don’t all take orders. While on the subject of authoritarian rule Mr Newman, you may pass along to your federal counterpart Mr Abbott that Queenslanders will not sit idle while he reduces our standard of living by tearing the guts out of our Industrial Relations laws with his WorkChoices 2.0 wish list for “his” big business mates either.

The evil ultra-right


The evil ultra-right wing faction who currently control the LNP cannot abandon their cruel WorkChoices philosophy as we see in the Townsville Bulletin story “Workers’ conditions for review” 23.01.15. They have commissioned the Productivity Commission to review root and branch the Industrial Relations system in Australia, in the hope of finding something, anything that they can take away from the Australian workforce. We voted the original WorkChoices out in 2007, now it seems that the LNP are breathing life into what we were once told was dead, buried and cremated, under the guise of WorkChoices 2.0.
Bearing in mind that last year this very workforce contributed at least $110 billion, not million in “unpaid overtime” to their employers, surely this is enough (more than enough) sacrifice of the employees family contact time? The LNP believe that we live to work, instead of work to live, and that we should spend every waking second toiling away to make money for our masters, an outdated philosophy that was extinguished at the same time that they stopped burning witches at the stake.
Penalty rates are on the agenda also, penalty rates have been long fought for and won, and much like overtime, should be paid without question. If the LNP succeed in their quest to tear down Australian workers’ wages and conditions, small business may well fall as an unwanted consequence. From what we have seen so far in economic management from all LNP governments, they are in no fit state to judge such a fundamental issue using only their own ideology as a guide.

From reading stories

From reading stories in newspapers around Queensland it seems as if the swing against the Newman LNP government is on, on a state wide basis. People do not like the idea of losing their state owned enterprises and the opinion polls are clearly showing that fact. The people have seen through the LNP slogans and realise that any change in assets ownership actually means a higher cost of living and a reduction in services for them, contrary to what Campbell Newman promised in 2012. It seems LNP greed has overtaken common sense and the public do not like it at all. It seems as though a state wide swing of 12% has been recorded, which is substantial and if realised at the election would see a change in government, much as Victorians did late last year which saw the end of their LNP government.

We need a fresh approach by a rejuvenated Labor government, a government that has learned the lessons of the past and will not repeat mistakes made. The ALP lost a lot of dead wood in 2012, and the new candidates have revived the traditional Labor philosophy, which has been sorely missed for many years in this great State. There is nothing like an election to focus people’s attention on past promises and future expectations, the LNP experiment had to have taken place, but the time has now arrived for the traditional Labor philosophy to once again take its place in the government of Queensland. We must send a message to the federal LNP that we do not want GST to apply to our fresh food, the cost of living is already far too high.

In his letter


In his letter to the Editor, looking through rose coloured glasses at the LNP effort in Townsville over the past three years “LNP has served city well” 19.01.15. Kevin Cutler conveniently ignores many other items such as the closure of Stuart State School, the introduction of paid parking at our public hospital, and the drastic loss of employment being just a few of the highlights Mr Culter has omitted from his score sheet.
Add to these items the abandonment of the 2012 LNP promise to lower the cost of living, and the skyrocketing cost of electricity and home insurance which is pushing many low income families to the wall. Also the threat to the Great Barrier Reef and the 60,000 jobs in tourism that the reef supports, and you then may understand Saturday’s Weekend Bulletin front page, we have simply had enough of broken promises and the escalation in the costs of living.
To add insult to injury the LNP also want to sell our assets, they have not learned from past experience and this is precisely why the large swing state wide is on. The LNP simply have not performed to the public’s wishes, and neither has their federal branch of that party, far too much ideology and far too less concentration on serving the people that they were elected to serve.

Its good news week

Its good news week, after three long years Sam Cox has finally realized the Northern Beaches are in the electorate he is supposed to be representing, and has come up with an idea. Sam now thinks that the Northern Beaches High School deserves an air conditioned school hall, and, having done absolutely nothing of note for our area in the past three years this is his one idea, amazing.
Well Sam, yes we do need an air conditioned school hall as a matter of fact, and have done so for the past three years, we are also in need of a dredge of Saunders Creek to alleviate flooding, there are many local issues that have needed dealing with however, we have never attracted any attention on your radar before, why now? Ah, yes, you want to keep your highly paid job and associated perks for doing the least amount possible, who wouldn’t.
What we need in the Northern Beaches is a representative who actually cares about doing their job, a person who seeks out community complaints, and tries their hardest to fix them; unfortunately for us we have conservative representation at the local government level, the state government level and the federal government level. It’s fascinating, that virtually all of North Queensland knows that we are being ripped off by the conservatives, in the south of the state, yet people continue to complain and vote the conservatives back into power. If we want a different outcome, we must vote for different players.

When busy Queenslanders finally engage

When busy Queenslanders finally engage with the electoral process and realise that the LNP want to sell/lease ports and railway lines plus privatise our electricity suppliers such as Ergon, I expect that they will dish out the same punishment as they dished out to the Labor Party for selling half of Queensland Rail.
Early polls are showing that the electorate is not yet engaging in the election campaign, though I expect that when they do engage the question will be how many seats the LNP will retain in the Queensland parliament. The Labor Party managed to retain 7 seats after their privatization plans, my guess is that the LNP will retain from 7 to 10 seats.

Queenslanders are a proud people

Queenslanders are a proud people with on average, high levels of intelligence and tolerance, people actually want straight talking and honesty from their politicians, not innuendo and vague three or four word statements that disguise policies designed to reduce spending on the services that we pay for and deserve to receive. In a court of law if a prosecutor can establish that a defendant has told a lie then the defendant loses credibility, with the current Queensland LNP government it would be difficult to single out just one misrepresentation of the truth shall we say.
To begin with the “health wait time guarantee” what the LNP government are actually not saying is this. We won’t continue to deliver upgrades to services in our public hospitals; instead, if you require an urgent operation we will simply send you to (our rich business mates) in a private hospital. You may well say that everyone’s happy and job done which would be true, however what that actually means is the LNP government failing in its obligation and responsibility to keep our public hospitals up to a high standard. This is simply a con job that puts money into the clutches of private enterprise at the cost of updating the public system and runs with the LNP ideology of privatize any/all public services. Over a period of time government funding for our public hospital system would continue to fall until such time as they are rendered inadequate and then be sold off at bargain basement process to their rich business mates or overseas buyers, it’s disgraceful, and it is so good to see the ALP commit to hiring 400 new nurses for Queensland as a beginning to fix the over worked nurses situation. At present the attitude to nursing staff seems to be working them till they drop and then get another one which is another absolute disgrace, but consistent with the LNP dogma.
The LNP came to power back in 2012 promising to lower or cost of living by cutting waste, not only have I not seen a lowering in the cost of living, it has actually risen and waste they talked about cutting must be defined by them as the 200 plus staff that they axed at the Townsville Tertiary Hospital and 4,800 hospital staff around the state? The LNP has done everything it can to help business; this was supposed to stimulate employment however unemployment has resulted, so much for their so called plan? Townsville petrol is the dearest in the state, electricity prices are up, even when you use less power the bill is dearer, this is absolute chaos being perpetrated by the king of snake oil salesmen himself Campbell Newman.
So, in conclusion under the LNP politicians wages up 43% plus, ordinary workers’ wages up 1.5%, petrol up, cost of electricity up and rising if we allow the LNP back into office to privatize it, in total the cost of living on the up and up, working families wages, down and staying down, the number of struggling families way up (ask the Salvation Army). It has been a disastrous experiment, one that has hurt many families and along with Prime Minister Abbott working as hard as he can on the federal front to deliver much the same philosophy, it seems the ordinary average Queensland family is doomed.

There is no doubt


There is no doubt that Campbell Newman has more front than Myers when he claims to have been tough on crime in the past nearly three years, we certainly have not seen the results in Townsville with crime increasing 20% over the length of the LNP government even with the size of the Townsville police force increasing by 10% obviously more police are needed in order to decrease the amount of crime that needs tackling in Townsville.
The LNP claims to have put our economy in better shape, however in their time in government the deficit in the Queensland budget has grown by $30 billion, this is following the domino process that they put into place sacking 15,000 public servants, thus saving those wages and in the process bringing small business down who have had to dismiss another 9,000 people from the Queensland workforce, their claims, and reality just do not tally.
Queenslanders have lost services in two crucial areas, health and education under these ideological right wing ratbags who are steering us on a course to emulate the USA with more poverty stricken people than ever before and at the same time asking the Queensland multimillionaires and billionaires for no contribution to the State’s finances, and actually returning most of the royalties collected from mining in road and rail connections to the various mine sites without a return for the people of the state. This is not good enough; everyone should be compelled to make a fair contribution, including the rich.
Some Townsvillians may want to emulate the unfairness of the USA, but many oppose this right wing ideology and seek to return to a fair Queensland for all, as is the Australian way.