How great it is to see Campbell Newman


How great it is to see Campbell Newman champing at the bit to follow his Victorian LNP mates into the record books, as the second one term LNP government in Australia in recent times. The LNP claim to have a plan, unfortunately their plan relies on ultra-right wing ideology that sees the voters come last and multibillionaires come first, it simply is the wrong plan, the wrong ideology for Queensland and Australia. The ideology is good if you happen to be a coal baron which most of us are not, and don’t wish to be.
We have witnessed over the last three years huge cuts to our public services like health and education, in Townsville, with hundreds of staff at our Townsville Tertiary Hospital sacked and allied health professionals in Community Health suffering the same fate. Doctors, nurses, dieticians, psychologists and podiatrists to name just a few professions lost to the public system in a disgraceful ideological attack from the LNP government on the poor in our city. In education we have, in Townsville witnessed public school teachers under continuing pressure and we have even seen a popular school decommissioned and the students’ academic lives disrupted just through this pig headed ideology, any money saved has been spent in other less important areas as their budget deficit demonstrates this government has been nowhere near good enough in Queensland and especially in Townsville.
Meanwhile, back in George Street in Brisbane a huge tribute to the Queensland parliament in the form of a new luxury parliamentary building has begun to be erected, clearly setting out LNP priorities for the people of Queensland to see, parliamentarians wages and accommodation on the up and up, Townsville health and education on the slide, surely things can’t be made simpler for the average Queensland voter. We are constantly concerned with our Queensland Government getting in to bed with coal mining barons and using our hard earned taxation money to assist same, we expect surveillance from the CCC but there again the management of the CCC has been tampered with in a political way. To add insult to injury the Queensland budget under these ideologically driven people has blown out from $50 billion to $80 billion in their three years, totally unacceptable, they have to go.
Yes Queenslanders were correct in giving Anna Bligh and her government the boot for selling our assets and so this mob should receive the same treatment for exactly the same reason, until all political parties learn what the Qld ALP has learnt and that is to keep your hands off “our” assets. I look forward to the Queensland Election Day with baited breath.


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