There is no doubt


There is no doubt that Campbell Newman has more front than Myers when he claims to have been tough on crime in the past nearly three years, we certainly have not seen the results in Townsville with crime increasing 20% over the length of the LNP government even with the size of the Townsville police force increasing by 10% obviously more police are needed in order to decrease the amount of crime that needs tackling in Townsville.
The LNP claims to have put our economy in better shape, however in their time in government the deficit in the Queensland budget has grown by $30 billion, this is following the domino process that they put into place sacking 15,000 public servants, thus saving those wages and in the process bringing small business down who have had to dismiss another 9,000 people from the Queensland workforce, their claims, and reality just do not tally.
Queenslanders have lost services in two crucial areas, health and education under these ideological right wing ratbags who are steering us on a course to emulate the USA with more poverty stricken people than ever before and at the same time asking the Queensland multimillionaires and billionaires for no contribution to the State’s finances, and actually returning most of the royalties collected from mining in road and rail connections to the various mine sites without a return for the people of the state. This is not good enough; everyone should be compelled to make a fair contribution, including the rich.
Some Townsvillians may want to emulate the unfairness of the USA, but many oppose this right wing ideology and seek to return to a fair Queensland for all, as is the Australian way.


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